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my mom now supports me

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Remember my post about my unsupportive family? Well, my son Matthew was born on January 5 and of course, we did not circumcise. My mom made a complete turn-around and is now happy we did not circ him (says she would kill anyone who tried to do it!). She even went as far as to do some research on her own and made comments to me that if made no sense that Americans are appalled by female circumcision but we turn around and do the same thing to our boys. She also commented to me that with circ rates like we are, her grandson would be in good company. I couldn't believe it.

The rest of my family is not so supportive. We're going through a rough time with my grandfather in the hospital in intensive care, so we're all seeing a lot of eachother, and it's getting to where I dread seeing any of them because they won't shut up about circumcising my son. My uncle and grandmother in particular are on my case. My uncle says to me every day, "Did you have that baby circumcised yet?" I just say, "No" because there is no educating him (his best friend "had to be" circ'd and "almost died"... blah blah). I broke down and cried while nursing my baby, thinking about my own family who wants to hurt him... no, I know they only want to do what they THINK is best for him, but it would hurt him, whatever their intentions.

Oh, and when I mentioned my mom making fun of her friend's grandson for not being circ'd, because his penis is so tiny? Well it turns out he IS circumcised. He has that thing where the penis gets buried in the fat pad.. err.. not sure if that condition has a name... still, I think it's weird she's making fun of him at all..
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Why is your uncle so concerned with your son's penis??? Maybe next time ask him if he's got some sort of fetish or something. I know that's not it, but something to get him to leave you alone. Or just tell him- you're not changing your mind and to lay off. If he won't leave you alone- tell him you won't be seeing him anymore and avoid him.

It's great your mom came around- maybe the others will in time.
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Congratulations on your perfect, intact baby boy!

That's pretty amazing that your mom has turned around like that. I remember reading your earlier post....she has done a 180, hasn't she?

ITA with shelbean - tell your uncle to knock it off and never mention it again. You've got enough going on dealing with a newborn and a sick grandfather. At this point, I wouldn't be afraid to be rude. He is acting inappropriately.

Hang in there, mama.
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Congratulations on leaving your son intact!

And I agree with the rest of the posters, your uncle needs to be gotten under control.
Next time he mentions your son's penis, ask him is he has nothing better to worry about than your son's penis?
Tell him it is beginning to be alarming and sound a little perverse!

That will shut him up.:LOL
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I also agree totally with the other posters here. Blurting out something to the effect of "stop talking about my son's/baby's penis" will probably get him to knock it off.

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And Congratulations on keeping him intact!
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