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I know a lot of people who do not support smoking MJ....or drinking, or who hate cigarettes....and I respect that, fully and wholeheartedly, because I believe that everyone should have the right to decide that something is not for them.

What scares me to death, is the number of people who believe that the Federal Government should have the right to decide FOR you, or me, what it safe, sane and should be legal. I say, give it to the states to decide....and even THAT leaves me feeling creeped out.

People give too much athourity to the government..."But Marijuana Cigarettes are BAD!" some would cry out..."They have to keep it illegal, for the greater good!" well...to those of you who, despite ongoing and emerging research to the contrary, would believe this, I as ask you this:

Is it for the "greater good" that men and women who are homosexual, do not have the right to marry? Because your government has decided that, for the "greater good" it must remain illegal for two people who love and want to honor and commit themselves to each other, cannot in matrimony, because they are of the same sex.

Is it for the greater good, that most people in America have no idea that all of the "aide" we send to nations around the world who are trying to get on their feet and join the global market place...are actually receiving LOANS from our centralized banks, which the peoples in those countries then spend the rest of their lives working to "pay off", by standing on their feet for up to 12, 16, 24 or sometimes 36 hours, with only minimal breaks, sewing boxers, shirts, jeans, etc...for PENNIES a day....so that we can walk into GAP and buy a "cute tee" for a few dollars? Because your government, has allowed trade agreements which CRUSH foreign peoples in the bonds of modern day slavery....for what, what greater good?

Is it for the greater good, that people, because of where they come from and what they look like, can be swept off the street and away to a secret prison, for a inditermenant period of time, with no charges filed....and no word to their families of what's happened? Because your government thinks so.

Look at the rights, which in the last ten years have been stripped of you....look at your waterways in this gorgeous coutry of ours, which have not been valued and protected, look. LOOK LOOK. Look all around, at this "Greater Good" that your government so valiently fights for....and begin to see it for what it is.

The greater good is not you and it is not me. It is not us, for us, determined by us. The greater good, is the almighty dollar, my friends, and I assure you, you do not have enough dollars to matter to the people who make the real rules we're all expected to live by. If you require further evidence, that your government does not really stand for liberty, protection and the greater, common good....you need only look at the thousand upon thousands of pieces of NEW legislation passed each year in this country....look around the world at the way we treat people, at the way big pharma is allowed to treat the insides of our bodies...all the while saying "no, it's safe it's safe - see, the FDA even says so"....look at the allowances made by our government, to big business, so they can smog up our air....put toxins in your water and DESTROY what's left, of the nutrients of the fruits/veggies/foods you buy in the store.....all the while telling you, that the real killers are muslim extremists and marijuana cigarettes. You want to talk dangerous...when's the last time you ate a bell pepper, which wasn't genetically mutated? Do you even know?

Your government does not stand for you and does not fight for you. You must stand for yourself and fight for yourself. "They" and their corrupt sense of what is in the interest of the "greater good"....will not save you. Your brain and willingness to use it....to ask questions, be skeptical, etc...that is what will save you.

Believe what you will, you are perfectly sane and within your rights to think that MJ is trash....but be wary of Federal regulation...always, in any case and under any circumstances. There are many threats out there....the least of which, I can assure you, is MJ. Do you drink public tap water, or even bottled water, as your primary water source?? You want to talk about something which causes physical and mental health problems....do a little research on flouride, my friend. NOT illegal....VERY dangerous. I wonder why.....
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I'm 34, Gen X technically - while I do know at leas one person who finds MJ incredibly lame I don't think even she supports the criminalization of it.

Perhaps we all have known a waking baker in our lives, and that is just sad, but it is just another form of laziness really and not a criminal activity.

SO NO, I don't know anyone who supports the law and I know quite a few who undermine it regularly...

Don't you think crime would drop drastically if every household were allowed to grow 1-2 plants a year?
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I'm opposed to it's legalization because I've seen it's effects on young people. I used to teach 8th grade in a very poor area and had a few students who would show up high to school. It was clearly negatively effecting them. My fear is that making it legal would lead to even more kids smoking it. It seems to me that when something is made legal, kids don't understand that it is still dangerous. These are kids who explained to me that cigarettes aren't really that bad because if they were they would be illegal...this is the kind of thinking some of our youth has.
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i know alot of people who think it should be illegal...but i also know alot of very religious and politically conservative people.
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i'm 26, and while i've never smoked anything (including mj), i think it should be legal. DH is on the fence with it, though, and he's 28.
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I'm the wrong age, but most people that age I know seem very neutral on the issue; they don't often think it is s big deal, on the other hand, they aren't politically active to change the law.

Personally, I think it's a bit of a problematic stance in a democracy. If you think the law should be changed, work toward it. But that doesn't mean it is always ok to break the law, just because you don't agree with it. In some cases, where it is clearly an immoral law, or where the law is simply badly written and not actually intended to do what is happening, it might be justified. But in the case of recreational drugs, it's a matter of, well, recreation. The law is actually fully intending to restrict it's use. Not something I can justify flouting just because I disagree that it's necessary. I certainly got pissed off when some local person raided my garden plants, though clearly he or she had no qualms about it.
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I just turned 25 and dh is 24 and both of us think it should remain illegal. In fact, I don't even believe in recreational use of alcohol. I won't get into this any further as the nature of the entire arguement quickly gets me worked up and downright mean.

I've never used drugs, drank alcohol, or even taken a puff of a cigarette.... so I have zero pity for people who would miss them if they weren't an option.

So, yah... people do care and there are people in younger generations that don't participate in use of mind altering substances for fun or agree with others doing it either. Don't assume.

As for gov invlovement, when the decision is so blatently clear (not to use drugs for example) I don't mind the gov stepping in and enforcing it. I think of all of the kids who would be effected by legalization of such toxins. Look at how many innocent children have been effected by alcohol (the parents using/abusing it).... far more than if it had been illegal. Some decent, hard working, good people would go to jail, get fined, loose jobs, yes... but, thats the price some have to pay for the betterment of quality of life for the kids of this nation then get over it. This arguement isn't about big brother. If thats your worry, you're WAY off the bigger issue here.
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I'm 23, and have never smoked pot. I'm not against it mind you, I've just never done it. I'm waiting for it to be legalized.

As an aside, I think it is hilarious when I hear people say that mj is ok, but tobacco is bad. Yes, I have heard this absurdity IRL. It's what we've done to the tobacco and how we abuse it that makes it bad, the substance itself is not bad. And you can say the same for pot, or alcohol. The product itself is not inherently bad, but the way that people abuse it is. And the fact is, the government has no right to dictate morality, moderation, or common sense. We all need to take responsibility for own actions, that is the first step towards a smaller government.
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I'm 32, don't know where I fit in. But most moms I talk to don't seem to care about it. Just yesterday I was actually talking with a mom who knows a mom who sells it and she was like "You wouldn't believe how many doctors and other professsionals buy it" and I was like, eh, maybe I would... and we were talking about how stupid it is, you can go home and have a drink every night, but smoking up is illegal, and who does it really hurt? People go home, drink, beat their wives, go out and drive, whatever... most people when they smoke, they just sit around and chill. Doesn't make any sense. Both of us used to smoke a lot, neither of us do now - though I would if offered! She works somewhere that drug tests which is another lame thing... it sticks around in your system unlike alcohol and all ...

It really seems like a lot of people I talk to just don't do it any more because they have no idea where to get it. Everyone seems to say, if I knew where to get it, I would!

Then there's the fact usually people COULD figure out where to get it... I just think it also matters that as an adult, you stand to lose so much if you get caught... esp. if you are a renter... it's just so stupid.

Anyway most people I talk to, it seems they don't think it's any different than drinking, and it's better in some ways, and it's stupid that it's illegal.

The clock on our stove is broken so I have it set peramently to 4:20... I like to see who notices when they come over LOL

eta - most moms I run with are in the 30-40ish age bracket.
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I support legalization for many reasons. My main one is that legalization will allow government regulation of marijuana sales as well as taxation similar to that of alcohol. Currently marijuana import/export and sales are controlled by criminals who use the profit from said industry to further many other criminal activities. Furthermore I don't believe that marijuana in and of itself has a drastic effect on who someone is as a person, including their ability to parent. Myself and DH were both raised by recreational smokers-his dad was fairly neglectful and my parents were not. Their marijuana usage was not the key factor in their parenting abilities. I could go on but I need to shower before ODS wakes up from his nap!
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Originally Posted by RunnerDuck View Post

The clock on our stove is broken so I have it set peramently to 4:20... I like to see who notices when they come over LOL

I think that we waste far, far too many resources on prosecuting marijuana related "crimes." I also am in the 'booze is much worse than weed' club.

However, DH is thinks only 'losers' smoke. Not sure whether he has strong feeling about its legal v illegal status.

Those of you who support the continued illegalization of mj because of its 'effect on children' or something- we were meant to be a free nation. We aren't anymore, and this is one of many laws retricting personal freedoms that don't seem like a big deal- they may even seem good- but enable the govt to do what they please, when they please with its citizenry.
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I do care about it, but I also think it should be legalized. It's silly that there's an entire crime industry being supported around a relatively innocuous substance. For me, the risks associated with marijuana don't warrant the money required to enforce the current laws surrounding it.

That said, I don't smoke weed, and I will encourage my kids not to, just like I'll encourage them not to smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol as minors. Supporting legalization doesn't necessarily mean that a person loves the idea of everyone smoking pot all the time. It's legal in some other countries, but there is still a framework of laws surrounding its use, just like there is here surrounding alcohol and tobacco use. I don't know if people who don't support its legalization are picturing 11-year-olds walking around with joints hanging out of their mouths at school or what.

I have a 50-something coworker whose political views have been described as "slightly to the right of Bill O'Reilly," and she supports the legalization of marijuana too. Mostly from a fiscal standpoint, but still -- she doesn't have enough of a problem with the ramifications of its use to support its continued criminal status the way she does with more harmful drugs such as meth.
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I don't know many people that think MJ should stay illegal. Most outright support legalization.

However, I do know people my age (30) who do think it should be illegal. Specifically, a friend of mine from HS who is a cop. I made a comment on his page (he posted pics of his friends with a huge pot bust) about it being "just weed" and something about "real crime" and it started this huge debate between me and his cop friends and their wives, etc. They all really believe that "drugs are bad, mmmkay?"

Whatev. If cigarettes and alcohol are going to be legal, there's no reason why weed shouldn't be. I do think we'll see decriminalization in my lifetime, though. IF the weed lobbyists (for lack of a better term) don't see to it that it stays illegal. There's a lot of money in illegal drug dealing and belive me, the person selling your dealer his supply has a vested interested in pot remaining illegal.
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I know some who think it should remain illegal. I think they are mainly misinformed and try to give them the right info or a website link or two (http://www.jackherer.com/chapters.html)
I also know a whole lot of people who smoke at least recreationally. ( I'm almost 30, most of my friends are older than me...my dh is almost a decade older than me...) Even my conservative parents have agreed that it should be legalized.


( I can take that link out if it's a no-no..)

PS> Dh and I think it should be taxed and sold OR just grow your own....
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Originally Posted by jeminijad View Post

Those of you who support the continued illegalization of mj because of its 'effect on children' or something- we were meant to be a free nation. We aren't anymore, and this is one of many laws retricting personal freedoms that don't seem like a big deal- they may even seem good- but enable the govt to do what they please, when they please with its citizenry.
ok, then lets allow people to smoke crack too.... yk, for the sake of being free. A completely "free" nation would destroy itself. Part of the reason we are what we are is because of laws and regulations. I don't think every law is good or nessesary but, I'm also not for the supporting legalizing exposure of MORE toxins to some poor kid who just happens to have pot heads for parents who HAD given it up until it became legal.

In the city I live in theres a fair deal of drugs. Within one block (keep in mind I also live within a block from the city park and gradeschool) I could wander to one of 2 houses that sell pot, meth, x, perscription pain killers, and other stuff when they fall upon a good deal. I HATE that these people are able to get away with this (it's not that difficult. The people I live near prove that even idiots can run a drug business from their house) but, as it is, with all of those things being illegal to have and sell cops still pretty much have their hands tied even though they KNOW drugs are being sold. Now imagine how many houses would use and sell in the same block if they had legal right to do what they do! Furthermore, pot isn't very lucrative as far as the drug business goes. You'll find that most people who sell pot for profit eventually move on to harder drugs because they have more room for profit. If you made pot legal you'd be left with a bunch of growers who now have to find another way to make money while keeping the same lazy, won't get a job, lifestyle.

With pot would come other drugs. It's not as cut and dry as it sounds. Maybe to a strictly pot smoker it sounds pretty simple and harmless but, for my neighborhood and my children it would mean much rougher drugs moving in across the street from the playground... (literally, across the street from where the city's little one's play). I'm not about to vote more of that to my backdoor and I'd appreciate others not. It's about the big picture not the self centered view of how it wouldnt' change your life, so no big deal.

You vote it in and a month later my entire town goes to heck.
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So with that said....
Did anyone notice that my post count?????

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FB, with all due respect, I think you're misinformed. Do you even know any normal people who smoke or grow weed? Do you even realize that crack can literally KILL you and pot couldn't in a million years? Did you read my link?

Please don't believe all that crap. Seriously. Whew.
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It is interesting to see the changes in tobacco smoking laws, and think about comparing them to mj. Tobacco smoking is becoming more and more restricted, it's not allowed in most public places, workplaces, sometimes in cars that have kids in them. It wouldn't be surprising to see a move to banning it in homes with kids present.

I'm curious that people think it's a good idea that government would make tax dollars off of legalization. It's always seemed a bit of a conflict of interest with tax revenues from cigarettes vs the government's mandate to encourage healthy living. They end up in a position of supporting an activity that is bad for citizens health for grubby money.
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Originally Posted by FondestBianca View Post
<snip>A completely "free" nation would destroy itself. <snip>

I need for you to think really long and really, really hard, about why you beleive this. I'm not asking you to tell ME....I'm asking you to tell YOU.

Everything you believe, you believe, because you have been shown....there is no thought that enters into your conciousness out of nowhere.....who needs you to believe that we as a people are unable to properly govern our own lives?? WHO? And did it ever occur to you, that there could be another way? Of course not, why would that ever pop into your mind...who would want to give you that idea? Nobody who is in charge of "ideas", that's for sure.

And, ask yourself this: Which came first; the big government which tells you how to live, or the people who believed they needed big government to tell them how to live.

And an even better question: Which came first; the people who live like animals as a direct result of big government "aide/welfare/social programs(including public schools)...or big government.

The myth, that we are incapable of ruling our own lives...that the absence of obcenely large government would surely bring chaos and riots and crime in the streets, complete with mass rape and drug lords taking over the planet....is just that, a myth....albeit a VERY convenient one, for some people.

I'm not telling you what to believe....I'm asking you to examine your beliefs...to challenge yourself not only to decide....but to investigate what MAKES you decide.

Someone challenged me to do this very thing years ago...and the rollercoaster ride of joy at discovering truth...and sorrow at discovering how different that truth is, from the truth we are taught....has been crazy. Sometimes, it makes me feel lonely and scared, to know how very bad things are, how much of an illusion this created reality actually is.....but at least now I know. There is that.
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BlueGoat ( like your name, btw I love goats!) I see what you mean about taxes and such. It is more of a response to the illusion that the government would somehow "miss out" on all the revenue that they get from drug busts and DWI's. There is no reason to think people could not control their intake of "mj cigarettes" and there's no reason to think the government couldn't try to profit off of that somehow. (LOL I say this with a mix of truth and sarcasm I guess...heh.)
Also, tobacco is a different beast than mj. Mj is a plant too....BUT smoking it is only one way of enjoying it and also it has never given anyone cancer.
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