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I just got back from a 4 day trip to Ontario to see my brother's graduation. Kieran hadn't nursed for at least 5 days before I left. He asked a couple of times, but happily settled for milk or watered apple juice as soon as I suggested it as an alternative. He's nursed twice since I've been home, but both times it was for less a minute before he was done.

It's a bit bittersweet. I've been ready for him to be done for close to a year now but I'm happy and proud to be able to say that it hasn't been totally my descision to wean him. He's definitely recieved some gentle encouragement from me along the way, but I've persevered through so many "He's STILL nursing?", "Don't you think it's time you WEANED HIM?!" etcs and let him take the lead. I'm sad that this part of our relationship is almost over and that my little Kieran baby isn't such a little baby anymore, but I'm also happy that he's taking this next step. My current tactic is and has always been "Don;t ask don't offer" and when he asks, if he's not content with something else to drink, I will let him nurse, but it's been 48 hours since he asked last. I think this might be it. It's been 3 years and just over 3 months. :