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Front Baby Tooth Injury

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Hi! We've had a horrible week. My 15 mo fell on the hardwood floor and knocked his front tooth back by about 15 degrees---and it's now way crooked. (He looks so different now!) It kept bleeding, and I was freaking out. (I lost my four front teeth in a bad accident when I was 20---have had several major surgeries and dental visits---so I was majorly flashing back and trying with all my heart to keep it together!) Anyway, I take him to the ped. dentist (who we've never seen before), and they say, you can lay down with him on the chair for his x-ray...unless you're pregnant. Well, I'm pregnant, and I have to hand him over to a nurse. He's hysterical. The x-ray shows that the baby tooth has gone all the way to the permanent tooth, but the permanent tooth doesn't seem to be fractured. The dentist said we're fortunate in that, and also that his lower teeth are pretty far back and not causing a "cross bite." He said if the tooth had been greater than 15 degrees of a change or creating a cross bite, he would have to extract it. Has anyone ever heard of that? He also said that the tooth may turn color, which is bruising. We're supposed to be checking for gum boils, which look like a pimple, which may occur if infection sets in. He said that w/the tooth's new position, there's a strong possibility of him needing to extract his tooth.

I'm very worried. I cannot imagine sedating him and pulling his tooth. Has anyone had any experience that might suggest otherwise or perhaps websites for further info? I feel fortunate that we left the office basically intact....but it's hurting to nurse, and I'm hoping the tooth will move back to where it belongs???? I'm completely stressed out, and I think I just need a sanity check. (I'm also having a hard time looking at his mouth---I feel so terrible that he's hurt---does this get better?)

Thank you for any help. I'm really freaking out.
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I don't actually have any info for you. Only hugs. My ds1 knocked out his front two teeth when he was 33 mo old. That was a year ago and it took at least 6 months to get over the shock of looking at it. The first few weeks were so bad. Moreso for me than him I think. He was eating pretty normal after a couple days. It just hurt my heart as a mama, every time I looked at him, or thought about it. I would wish he'd broken a bone or needed stitches, something that healed in a few weeks, not years. Then I'd feel guilty abiut those thoughts because he was handling the teeth loss so well.
It does get better, and even though 7 more years until he gets his perm teeth in seems like an eternity, it's better than knocking out a perm tooth.
Hugs, hugs, hugs.
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I'm sorry this happened. It just sux to see the babe in pain, doesn't it?

You may find some info in this thread
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Thanks!!! Tooth seems to be moving down (but not back straight). Dh is being hyper-proactive looking for any signs of infection above the tooth. I can't seem to bring myself to do it I think I'm afraid I'll find something that will mean it needs to be extracted.

Thanks so much for the support!
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When my son was that age, he had to have cavities fixed and they were able to gently sedate him with nitrous and he did fine. (the only down side, like with x-rays, was that I couldn't be in there with him, but dh was).

Any wya, with a good ped dentist I don't think it's such a big problem when they use nitrous. It goes right out of their system. Good luck!
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Dear Georgia

The same thing happened to my youngest son when he was learning to walk at age 12 months.

He fell back and something fell on his face.

Blood was everywhere.

I thought he may have broken his nose or jaw bone.

I took him to the ER where they did absolutely NOTHING for him.

I was surrounded by seven police officers and was detained for 12 hours there.

Six months later there was a followup visit from CPS at my home.

Any way, I just want you to know, as bad as it was for you, it could have been worst.

He later had his four front teeth pulled two years later as they had absessed; one was brownish.

He was put under.

It was very sad.

He is now twelve, and he just had a surface cavity filled in on of the front teeth with a porcelain filling.

It just never stops.
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applejuice, how hideous! i cannot fathom that treatment was his surface cavity related to weakening due to the fall??? i think i'll need to be aware of that, if so. i know the baby teeth aren't as critical as the permanent ones. i just needed some time (and perspective!!!) to come to grips.

i deeply appreciate the support i'm receiving here---i swear i want to put ds in a mouth guard and helmet these days. they really do lead with their teeth! we go in for a re-check on the 26th---dh is going to hold him for the xray since i'm pregnant. did i mention our youngest is the only one we elected to not put on the dental insurance?? what was i thinking?????
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ouchie. My dd did that about a year ago...fell face first on our tile kitchen floor with a sippy cup in her mouth. Her tooth went really far back and down as well. It eventually moved up and back into place, and the brown color lightened up a bit. It's amazing how many children I notice that on now. So far it hasn't abcessed, although we still watch. A friend's son also did it and his did abcess, but it healed on its own before they could make it to the dentist. It finally fell out on its own. go figure. Anyway, It made me sick to my stomach to look at dd's tooth initially for the same reasons. I had trouble with the exact same tooth--knocked it out as a baby, and then had three! accidents. Now it's a crown with a root canal when I was about 7 years old.

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Dear Georgia:

I asked the dentist when my DS had the baby teeth pulled if the absess would affect the enamel in his adult teeth lingering in his gums, and he was non-commital.

I watched that tooth when it came in when he was seven.

This past summer, my DS had his checkup, and there was a cavity starting there, so I agree to a white porcelain filling. He has good checkup usually tho.

He does remember being knocked out for the surgery. He calls it his "drug experience".
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