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I did it!!!

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Cody Dan Paton was born today at 2.22 pm. It was so beautiful!!

Last night I was sharing a bath with 2 yr old DS when I had my 1st contractions. I put him to bed at around 8 and went to bed myself. Woke up early this morning to a thunderstorm (I love thunder and lightning!) and had breakfast. DS woke up at about 7 and after getting him fed and dressed I called my mum to pick me up as I planned to give birth in her conservatory.

She picked me up at 9 and we did a little shopping (its my dads birthday today too and we had to get a cake). Then came to her house and set up the birth pool.

I was having strong contractions but they werent painful. I only had 3 painful contractions during transition. DS was drawing me pictures and kissing me and splashing in the birth pool.

The pushing stage only took between 5-10 mins! Much better than the 55 mins with DS (not to mention the horrible midwife literally counting the minutes til they would c-section me!! No wonder I opted for UC this time). He was born into the warm water and I havent even got a tiny tear! My mum caught him. The placenta came out intact 10 mins later.

He's amazing!! And I finally got my perfect birth. DS's birth had me in post trauma counselling. This time I feel like I could do just about anything.

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congratulations, mama!

and Happy Birth Day!!!
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Yay! Congrats mama! Sounds wonderful! :
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Congrats! I love reading happy birth stories like yours - so inspiring!
Happy BBMOON!!!!!!!!!!
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Congrats! That is just wonderful news! Welcome earthside little one

P.S. he shares my birthday too. As does your dad apparently
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Oh, that's such a lovely story! : Congratulations!
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I'm so happy for you! Now get some rest!
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It sounds like you had the perfect birth you dreamed of, and you totally deserve it after your first one it sounds like! Congratulations!
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So happy for you!

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:: Congrats!!!!::
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what an awesome way to enter the world, and a wonderful birth. Congrats mama!
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Congrats, mama! That sounds so wonderful. Another birthday on July 3rd--my DH's
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Congratulations, the birth sounds awesome!::
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That sounds like an awesome birth! Congratulations on your new little one, and enjoy your baby moon!
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Congratulations :
Enjoy your babymoon
Are you going to get the midwife/GP round for the baby checks, let me know how that goes (with regards to you having a UP/UC).
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Originally Posted by puddleduck View Post
Congratulations :
Enjoy your babymoon
Are you going to get the midwife/GP round for the baby checks, let me know how that goes (with regards to you having a UP/UC).
Im going to make an appointment at the GPs tomorrow. With DS being born on a Friday afternoon I figured I'd have the weekend to myself. Bit nervous about it because I doubt he'll be overly impressed with my birth choices! But when I phoned the registry office they told me I can only register him once he has an NHS number and I have to go to the doctors to get it. Seems a bit weird to me, but I'm going along with it.

Cody is doing great, feeding well, sleeping nicely. Its so much more peaceful being at home, was in hospital for 4 days after DS1 and it was awful.

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congratulations! another holiday-weekend baby! i'm so glad everything went fab!
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