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Salt Lake City Playgroups?

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Are there any started? If not, can we please start one? I have an (almost) 2 year old daughter and I'm 7 months along with a son. I need children for my dd to interact with and I DESPERATELY need adult interaction with people who have similar lifestyles (which I can safely assume would be met here since we all read Mothering). I wouldn't mind hosting at my house and then maybe we can switch it up and meet at others?
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my kids are older, 6 and 11, but i too am dying for some interaction! my youngest is on the spectrum so he is a little young for 6 and would prolly really enjoy your dsughters company as well as a baby i always thought thier birth order was mixed cuz my baby is such a good "big brother" type.
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Bumping. I really need some adult interaction and I just moved to the Draper area. I wouldn't mind hosting at my house or a park either.
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I could also use some adult interaction, besides that of my fiance. I have a three year old little boy, who is very social and loves to play with all kids no matter thier age. I live in West Vally City.
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Im in the millcreek area (southeast salt lake city) I have a 3.5 year old boy and a 4.5 month old baby boy. I'm afraid we haven't done a lot of playing with others since the baby was born and we both need it!!
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Wow, sounds like there are a few interested parties with kids around the same age. Looks like we live pretty far apart. Could we meet in a central location? What days and times work well for everyone? I like Fri mornings, but am free every other day but Tue.
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A play group would be awesome! I have a 2 1/2 year old ds and a 1 month old dd and we live in Murray.
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Friday mornings would work for me as well.
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I think Murray/Midvale would be a good middle ground. How about Murray park at 10:30 AM on Friday, the 18th?
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That sounds good to me!! Anyone else???
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is anyone going to go?
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I hope some more people can make it, but I wouldn't be disappointed if it was just the two of us. Is that okay for you?
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Hi, can I join too? I have a seven month old (my first), and we're so in desperate need of interaction. I live really close to Murray Park. TIA
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Ah man.. I wish I still lived in Murray!! I used to live right by Murray Park, but now we are in Farmington.
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oH NO!!

I had to make an appointment with our CPA on Friday at 9:30!! =(
We handed in our taxes 4 MONTHS AGO and they are still NOT DONE!!
So i finally got a hold of him and the only time available for an appointment was Friday.
I figured if I went and sat right in front of him and watch him do it, it will get done. grrrrrrrrrrr

sorry ladies.
maybe I can join in next time
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xbabymamax sorry you're going through this, I hate taxes.

So are we still going to have one?
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I'll be there for sure. My 2.5yo will love to play, friends or no. xbabymax, sorry about the taxes. I hate that too! We'll probably be there for a while, so if your head isn't spinning when you're done, you can come join us.
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SactoMommy, that's great and btw I don't mind hosting one at my house next time either. Will you guys be near the playground?
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Yeah, we'll be near the playground, although I suspect we won't stay there long. My DS loves to roam the free space at the park. He's not much for the equipment. We'll stay there til we find you!
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thanks. I'll try to stop by after To see if you are still there. But If I don't make it, have fun!!
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