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Just another quick note to anyone who pops in: playgroup today at Murray park playground, 10:30 AM. We'll put another one together soon for anyone who couldn't make it.
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The next playgroup will be Friday at my house. Pm me for directions. Does 10:30 still work for everybody? Hope to see you all there.
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Wanted to bump this so more people can see it. Hope more people can come!
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Originally Posted by SactoMommy View Post
Wanted to bump this so more people can see it. Hope more people can come!
Yeah me too. I got somethings to babyproof my house. My son is almost crawling anyway, but if we all know where Murray Park is we could all meet there as well, I don't care either way. I just hope more people come.
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What do you all think about meeting every friday at the Murray Park at 10:30 near the playground? Also to anyone interested there is a farmer's market every friday and saturday held there until october.
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We're up for park playdates at 10:30 on Fridays. That will work great because my toddler can play. Hope more people can come this Friday.
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Is anyone coming this Friday, or should we skip it? Its pretty chilly for the park.
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Hey we're also up for park playdates on Fridays at ten thirty. Sorry we couldn't come today, I've got a nasty cold and I'm trying to do everything I can so my baby doesn't get it. Today is pretty chilli but I hope next week we have better weather, hopefully I'll be better by then. Anyway did anyone go today?
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Sorry I haven't responded!

I gave birth to my little man last week and things were hectic leading up to that. I'm still very much interested in the playgroup...I do think it is a bit cold outside to meet at the parks (what is it with UT weather going from hot to cold with no "in-between" days?!?!?!). I could host a playdate at my house Friday mornings or Saturday mornings...I live off of 1300 South and 1000 West...
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I have a 20 month old who needs to have interaction with other kids, so I'd be interested in playgroups. I could also host but I don't have a lot of seating, so we'd probably be sitting on the floor. I also have cats as a warning to anyone with allergies.

We live in a townhouse on the point of the mountain in Draper so we're about as far south as you can get in Salt Lake County though, kind of out of the way unfortunately. It IS getting colder so parks are going to be out soon, but we could always meet up at indoor play areas in a more central location.

We can play any day except Thursdays
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Hey everyone, I think it's getting too chilly for parks, so maybe we could rotate houses? Krisis, where are you? I'm in a condo just behind Boondocks.

xochitl- Congrats on your new little one! Are you up for leaving the house yet? I'm kinda far south, but I was thinking about hosting this Friday just to kick things off. How does that sound to everyone else?
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Are you in the "field" streets? Flowerfield, Honeyfield, etc. That's the only condo-y area I can think of I used to live in the Adagio apartments by Channing Hall but we moved and now live off of Highland Drive kind of next to the Chevron... in the townhouses up there.

But yeah we're like 2 minutes from Boondocks; my best friend lives on Flowerfield so we're down there all the time
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Yep, that's exactly where we're at. Wow, you're almost walking distance from me, if it weren't for the enormous hill and my out-of-shapeness .

So, playgroup at my house, anyone?
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I'll be there!

And I did try to walk down there last week. I made it to Flowerfield but it almost killed me forever. And that was down-hill. Sad!
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Is anyone else coming? PM me for details if you'd like to join. So far it looks like just the two of us, Krisis.

10:30 Friday morning at my house in Draper (South Mountain).
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Hi I was looking around online for playgroups for my son who is 2 1/2 and myself and found this thread. I would have loved to meet up Friday but unfortunately he has come down with a little cold. I will keep watch and maybe for the next date he will be feeling better.
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Hi everyone how was playgroup today? I'm feeling much better and luckily my baby didn't get anything. I agree it's getting too cold to have it at the park. I wish we had somewhat of a warm weather but it seems like the cold just hit us hard. Anyway I'm up for rotating houses and I have things now to babyproof my house, we got a crawler (my baby got on his knees all by himself today for the first time, before we always helped him) any day now he'll start wandering off.

xochitl congratulations!!!
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I have a 17 month old boy and we would love to join the play group! I also have a couple friends who aren't on MDC who would like to join. Their childrens ages are 2, 3, 16 months!
I live in 9th and 9th area.
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Okay, so where should we go this Friday? I'm willing to host again until we get a more regular group going and can get everyone's info for rotating houses. We could also meet at an indoor play area somewhere in the middle, because I know my house is kinda far away for everyone...

What sounds good?
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So if no one is interested, I think we'll just make other plans for Friday. Maybe next time.
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