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Well...my water broke.....

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I woke up at about 3:30 this morning because I had a small break in my waters. I put a pad under me and then went back to sleep since that doesn't mean that much and if labor was starting I knew I'd need the rest. I woke up again at 5:30, because of a contraction this time I think, I stood up and immediately had a flood I have called my midwives and let them know and am now getting some things done while I wait for active labor to start. My midwives policy is that I need to start active labor within 24hrs of my water breaking (5:30 a.m) so wish me luck

I can't believe she is going to be a few days early. I have been told so many times that it wasn't likely as she is my first. She isn't due till Tuesday though.
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That is exciting! Sending easy labor vibes your way :
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Woohoo! Come on baby!
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Labor vibes!!

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Yay-- I hope that the contractions start soon! Good for you for getting as much sleep as possible. I hope that you meet your baby today!
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Yay! Wishing you a happy birth!
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Hooray! Come on out baby
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So exciting!
I am amazed you were able to sleep after you realized your water had broken - I would have been to hyper. Good for you!!
Sending easy labor vibes your way! :
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Yea! Hoping it starts up soon for you, and sending you easy labor vibes!
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Yay! I hope contractions start soon and you have an easy labor!
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Happy Labor!!!
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: Sending some labor vibes!
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Sending lots of easy labor vibes your way.
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Good luck! Are going to try anything natural to get your labor going since you are on a time restraint? I hope everything goes well for you!!!
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Good Luck mama!! Sending you labor :
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Yay! Labor vibes!!
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: Good luck!
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Well....what was supposed to be a natural homebirth ended in an emergency c-section I am truly heartbroken about how things went but at the same time my little girl is gorgeous and I am so happy to have her and that she is healthy. I'm tying not to focus too much on the rest.

As I had said before my water broke at about 5:30 Saturday morning. Active labor did not start however until around 5:00 p.m. In the meantime I was just getting some things ready for the birth and the baby and enjoying the special day with my husband. My midwives had me try some natural methods to get labor going and then a bit later they had me take a labor tincture they had given me a few times. When labor finally did get going my doula came over followed shortly by the first of our midwives. I was having pretty regular contractions by then (about 4 mins apart) and some were getting very strong. For the most part they were in my back. The midwife checked the baby's heat rate and it was wonderful. She also did an internal exam and was a bit surprised by how soft the baby's head felt, however since the heart beat was defiantly low down in the stomach she thought that the baby was probably turning its head a bit so that it was the face she was feeling. At that point it was about 9 pm and I was 2cms and 75% effaced. She called the other midwife who started heading down to give a second opinion on the baby's position. Now my contractions started coming quicker and they were getting more and more intense. I had my mother come over for support and my husband started looking for a way to get the birth pool filled. When the second midwife arrived at around 11:30 she unfortunately confirmed what my first one had feared, that it seemed that the baby was coming butt first. They then suggested that we go into the hospital and get an ultrasound done to be sure. I was devastated. They did call the hospital before we went though and were given the impression by the midwife there that if it was a frank breach a vaginal birth was still a possibility. So we went in. The ultrasound confirmed that the baby was indeed butt first; her heart beat however was still perfect. I was by this time 6 cms dilated and though I was still working my way through the pain ok I was terrified to be at the hospital. Unfortunately it was at this point that we were told that they were infact not willing to attempt a breach birth, that none of the doctors on were qualified to do so and that a cesarean was my only option. I can't explain to you how I felt...I'm sure many of you can imagine. They whisked me off to a labor room and were shoving forms in my face and talking policy at me while I was going through intense contractions (I was 8cms dilated by now) and was crying and thoroughly terrified. Besides the normal sorrow pain and fear I have also never had surgery in my life, never been admitted to a hospital, never even had an IV. I don't know how I got through all of this; certainly the support of my husband, mother, doula and midwives was essential. I could not have done it otherwise. The hospital staff was very inconsiderate; I had become a case to them, an inanimate object to be worked on. My midwife had to practically herd them out of the room just to get them to give me 1 min of quiet to try to somewhat cope with everything. When we got down to the or I was 9cms dilated and in heavy transition. They at first wouldn't let anyone in with me for the spinal but fortunately my mother convinced the anesthesiologist that he needed to let her in. I think he gave in because she is a nurse herself. It was a good thing because that only way I got through that was by gripping onto her. Anyway to finish this incredibly long story, my husband switched in after the spinal and they delivered our baby by c-section at 4:29 Sunday morning. She is completely beautiful and wonderful, and we love her to death. I am still stunned at how everything turned out. We got home from the hospital today and I am so happy to be home but wish so much that I wasn't so enfeebled and could just enjoy being here with the baby. I know that will come in time and none of this will matter. The truly important thing is she is healthy. What gets to me the most is that I know we could have had her naturally. I could have gotten through labor, I was so close to the end and she was doing very well.

Anyway, sorry to write such a long story. I don't mean to sound so negative, I feel truly blessed to have my baby. I guess I am just thinking about it all a little more now that I am home again and see what could have been

Here are some pictures of our little beauty.
Her name is Juliette Elora and she is so very precious and wonderful. We are both blown away by her :



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Congratulations on your beautiful little Juliette.

I'm so sorry your birth had to go the route it did. I truly hope that you can enjoy your babymoon and find a way towards a healing path. Maybe the Healing Birth Trauma forum might help in time.

Take care of yourself mama, and enjoy that little girl.
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she is beautiful! Welcome earthside little one I am so sorry that the birth went like that and that they treated you that way.
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