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Hugs, mama - but oh my your little angel is sooooo beautiful! She's perfectly named - enjoy your babymoon!
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I hope that you are soon able to only look forward. She is beautiful and looks very alert. I am truly sorry that you had the experience you did with the hospital staff. Clearly you shielded your daughter from the negative energy and had a wonderful support system of family and choice caretakers.:
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She is absolutely GORGEOUS!!
What a lucky little girl she is to have a mom who planned such a loving birth experience and who labored so hard until the last minute just because you knew it was the best for all of you. I agree with the PP how it is clear how well you shielded your baby from the negativity of the people there!

Nowadays it is nearly impossible to find professionals who are willing to attend a breech birth, particularly if it is a surprise breech. So if you were to begin imagining "what if"s, the surgery as an outcome would have been the same.
The lack of compassion and beside manners displayed by hospital personal is inexcusable, and when you have the energy you may consider writing them a letter of complain.

In the meantime, enjoy your babymoon! She is really a princess and her name suits her so well!
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Congrats, Mama and welcome baby! :
I am sorry your birth did not go as planned. I had a c-section with my first and it took me a long time to heal from the trauma. Please let me know if you need support. I am happy to be there.
Healthy healing!
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Congratulations, What a cute little baby! You have every right to feel the way you do and please do talk about that is why we are here. It is very difficult to have a homebirth turn ceasarian. Much peace and speedy healing.
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: Congratulations on your beautiful daughter! I agree with others you obviously shielded her from the negativity of those around you. I am sorry your birth didn't go as planned and I too would have been so overwhelmed with how quickly and significantly it changed. Take good care of yourself, along with that sweet baby!
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She is gorgeous, and you did an amazing job. You trusted your midwives and yourself to make the decisions that had to be made.
Who knows what might have happened if you had tried to birth her vaginally, with the lower heartbeat, etc.
Try not to dwell on the fact that you had a c-section in the end. You made it a long way through her birth and did the right thing.
Be proud, you are a strong mama!
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Congrats on your beautiful baby! She is just gorgeous.

I'm so sorry your birth turned out that way and you got treated so wrongly. (((HUGS)))
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wow, she is gorgeous mama, congratulations! i am 37w4d and just had an unsuccessful attempt to turn our frank breech baby this morning, so i read your story with interest i'm so sorry for the way you were treated at the hospital and for the way things turned out with the actual birth but she is healthy and beautiful in the end, no matter how she got here. i feel really lucky to have an OB who is willing to allow me to deliver breech vaginally, and i feel calmly confident that i can. your story makes me even more convinced that it isn't impossible and that you were about to deliver successfully. anyway, thank you for sharing your story and congratulations again on your little one! :
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Congratulations on your beautiful baby!
If you feel you need it, ICAN is a good international organization that helps women who've had c-sections. There are local chapters/ support groups and some women I think find them really helpful in healing from the trauma. I know the woman who runs our local chapter and she is amazing.
Heal fast and enjoy your baby!
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