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Independance Day baby?

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Well, the only day I really wanted to NOT have the baby was July 4th. And guess what? Contractions started yesterday, petered out, started up again overnight and this am they're strong and at this point between 5 and 9 min apart. Also having major bloody show and my bowels are cleaning out.

I've accepted the 4th of July thing, I'm actually kind of excited about it. BUT...my best friend's dad passed away last Sunday and his funeral is Monday. She had been planning on being here for the birth and helping watch the kids, but not now. AND, my mom called me at 6am to tell me the nursing home called her to come over because MY dad is probably dying. He's a half hour away, I can't go there and my mom, who is supposed to be here watching my kids while I have a home birth, now needs to be at the nursing home with him.

I don't want to have my baby amidst all this sadness. :-( But at the same time I'm happy to meet my baby finally. Which makes me feel selfish. I feel like I should be with my parents, and I can't. I want to be there for my best friend and I can't. I want to meet my baby, but don't want her to be born in the middle of all this death. I just want a happy, peaceful birth.

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not in your ddc but just wanted to give you a .

I think the life and hope your new baby will bring will help everyone during this hard time.

My dad died last year and my mum keeps on saying how sad it is that he wont meet our new baby - my answer is ' where do you think new babies come from?' my dad will have met the baby before i will.

i hope your labour and birth goes smoothly XXXX
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Peaceful birthing vibes! :

I would just try to tune out the rest of the world for this weekend and focus on your little house. Labor is one of the few times in life where you just cannot physically do anything for anyone but yourself and your baby - try not to feel guilty about not being there for others or being excited about your new LO. What a tough spot to be in - a simultaneously sad and joyful time. I hope everything works out.
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A large number of people die around the holidays for some reason. Who knows why. Your baby is coming at his/her perfect time, and I will send you peace and calmness to get through labor. again
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As trite as it sounds, just trust that the universe is bringing your baby exactly when he or she is supposed to arrive. Sometimes the joy of a new life is just what is needed during a time of adversity. My best friend had her baby just days before her mom died (and they were closer than any other mother/daughter than I have ever known). Somehow, this was what was supposed to be.

Sending you lots of : and
Everything will work out. Happy laboring and keep us updated!
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: to you about the sad news, but I agree that things happen for a reason, and in the great scheme if things it was meant to be that your little baby woukdnbe born today and bring a ray of sunshine in everyone's lives!

So don't feel bad and allow yourself to rejoice!
You will soon be holding your LO :
: Easy labor vibes to you!!
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ohhh im so sorry mama. you can still have a happy peaceful birth and while you obviously have compassion for what is going on around you, try to focus on your joy and your baby's arrival. perhaps the happines of your child's arrival will soothe the pain of all the loss that your family is feeling. your mom might get some omentary relief from her pain when she sees and holds her grandchild. its a real blessing...good luck to you on your birth journey!
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I am sorry that so much sadness is going on. But like others have said, I would trust that things are happening as they should. You are allowed to focus on the joy of bringing your baby into the world. Wishing you a beautiful birth!
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Perhaps this is a lesson in the circle of life? Birth and death are so intertwined on a cosmic level. I hope that the birth of your new child helps you to find peace amongst the sadness.
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Sorry to hear your sad news. But I do think a 4th of July birthday is pretty neat. Your LO will love having fireworks on his/her birthday!
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((HUGS)) maybe a baby will be a much needed bright spot in the middle of all the sadness!

Good luck mama!
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to you mama, hope things turn out for the best.
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Just a quick update, as baby is asleep in my arms...

Liberty Violet was born gently at home in the birth tub at 1:41pm on the 4th of July! After a bit of a scare with the cord wrapped very tightly around her neck twice, she pinked up and started crying - what a relief! She's absolutely gorgeous and weighed in at 8lb, 13oz and 20 1/3" long. :

Sadly, my dad passed away the following evening. He waited to hear that we were safe and sound and I was able to say goodbye via phone, although he was already too far down the path to reply to me. He passed a few hours after I told him we were okay and he could go, and once we had finally announced Liberty's name. Violet is in honor of Dad's mother, Viola.

Thank you all for your kind words, I appreciate it!
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I am so very sorry for the loss of your dad. I know how hard that is.

CONGRATS on the birth. Welcome earthside little one
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Congratulations on the birth! Violet was my grandmother's name so it has special place in my heart.

I'm sorry to hear of your dad's passing. I'm glad you got to say goodbye and let him know of his new granddaughter.

Take care of yourself, mama.
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Congratulations on the birth of your daughter! Liberty Violet is a beautiful name and my DD1 loves having her birthday on 4th of July (she turned 6 yr).
I am very sorry about the loss of your father. I am glad you got to say goodbye to your dad and tell him his granddaughter was here. s to you, its a lot to take in at once, take good care of yourself.
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Liberty Violet is such a beautiful name!

I hope your family is healing from the passing of your father.
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Congratuations and welcome baby Liberty.

I'm sorry to hear about your dad's passing.
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My first thought when I read your original post was that I hope your dad was able to hold on until after your baby was born. My mother died 10 years ago and I really wish she had been able to know about my children. My MIL died last year so she was able to meet our first two but missed our current baby. It brings a just a touch of sadness to each happy event.

It's so hard to process the death of a parent but I do think your new little one will help your family through this time. Kids help get you up each morning and bring you so much joy even during times of immense sadness. I'm glad your dad was able to hold on for your phone call but I am truly very sorry to hear of his passing.

: Congrats on your new baby girl!! :
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Welcome baby Liberty and congrats mama! :

I'm glad that your Dad was able to hear that his little granddaughter was born and that you two were healthy. I'm sure it helped ease his passing. My poor mama died in an accident two years ago soon before my niece was born and we were all so sad that she never knew (first grandchild). But I know now that my mom does know and that she has been with me this whole pg and will be with me during the birth. You Dad will stay with you too.
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