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Naptime help needed

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My DD is 26 months and I have done CLW up to this point. She has been only nursing at naptime for a few weeks, with an exception here or there. So here's the situation...

I don't really have much milk left and her latch has gotten lazy. Every time that I nurse her it's uncomfortable and I get annoyed and irritated that she's nursing. At naptime I tell her that we'll nurse for just a few minutes and then we can cuddle. When I stop nursing her, she cries, tosses and turns and won't even lay down with me. I understand that she is probably upset with me even though she never says so. I eventually leave the room telling her that this is quiet time and she can sleep or read. Sometimes I try to not nurse her at all, but that ends up the same way. She usually ends up not napping and not doing quiet time- she needs to pee, needs water, cries... She NEEDS to sleep. Within 45 minutes of her coming out of the bedroom she's cranky and exhausted and by this time I'm drained and edgy myself from the whole ordeal. I've thought about just sucking it up and nursing her to sleep, but it's gotten to a point for me that I don't want to continue to be angry that she's nursing, I don't want to become resentful. So, I want to be done nursing, but don't know how to get her to nap. DH and I discussed a later naptime, but we already can't let her sleep past 2:30ish or she won't go to sleep until 9:30 or so which gives us no time at night together. We do have a naptime routine: lunch, potty, stories, cuddles.

Any suggestions?

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waking her up up earlier in the morning to get the naptime earlier or during the naptime to make it shorter so she goes to bed earlier? Just a thought.
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She usually wakes up about 6:30 everyday, but she still does this when she gets up at 5:30 or so.
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