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Oh, how I LOOOOVE to shower. Really. I could spend hours in a hot shower every day and never feel like a single second of that was wasted. I just feel better about things, more alert and upbeat and refreshed and myself right after stepping out of a hot shower. So I shower every morning as a way to start my day. If I spend the afternoon working out in the garden or doing anything else that's likely to get me especially sweaty/dirty/covered in poison ivy oils, I'll shower again before dinner.

DH showers every morning before he leaves for work.

My kids have a bath pretty much every night, as part of the evening routine. If one or both are especially opposed to bathing I'm often flexible about skipping it, although less so if they are visibly grimy or covered in bug spray or sunscreen. Both of them like baths, so it's usually not a fight.

When they get older I'll hand over more control to them, although I suspect they've inherited my love of bathing.
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It varies-sometimes I shower daily, other times every other day. I don't wash my hair everyday-sometimes every 3 days, sometimes I just use conditioner. I also use dry shampoo, which is way cool. I have so many other things to do than to blow out my hair daily.
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If it makes you feel any better, I only wash my hair about once a week. And I've been known to go 2-3 weeks between hair washings. And I haven't used soap (or any cleansers/moisturizers for that matter) on my face since mom stopped washing my face some 50 years ago. Only a wet washcloth and hand towel to dry. No one else uses them. But I bathe (I only shower when I wash my hair) every night. Can't go to sleep without a good long soak in the tub. It warms me up in the winter and removes the stickiness in the summer. Dh takes a daily shower in the morning. Dylan takes either a shower or bath in the evening. Mostly as part of winding down, relaxing before bedtime. But now that he is in the pool every day, he needs to wash the chlorine off his skin and hair.
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I WOH so I shower every weeknight. It's not about me...it's about the people I work with. DD goes to school and is covered in paint and subway crud every day, so she gets baths often. DH bikes 20 miles every day and is covered in stinky sweat...so I'm glad he takes showers. I tend not to shower on the weekends but feel pretty smelly by Sunday. I'm allergic to perfume, so I can't mask my body odor. I'm around a lot of people daily....I gotta think about their rights too (right to be free from my body odor).
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We both bathe/shower twice a day. In the mornings, I shower but I run between 8 and 10 miles per day. So, I am sweaty, stinky, and disgusting after that. A washcloth won't cut it. My partner cycles 60 - 100 miles in lycra. So, again, he needs it in the morning.

In the evenings, we take a bath to wind down and because I sleep better when "clean."

Also, we live near the beach. We often go into the ocean in the afternoons, and all that salt water dries out my skin. So, I have to get it off of me.

I figured we'd bathe our kid daily too. Or at least hose them off with the garden hose.
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DH and I each bath every day. DS usually gets a bath every day in the summer - I like to get the sweat, chlorine and sun screen off. In the winter, he usually gets a bath every other day. If he gets really dirty, which he loves to do, he gets bathed more often. I think I gave him 3 baths in one day once.

Also, just a question - for those who don't bathe daily, how do you know you don't smell a little funny? Or, do you not mind if you do? I know sometimes, at the end of a hot day, I don't notice that I smell bad, but DH notices it. We also had some really close friends stay with us for 4 days, and each of them bathed twice during that time. They both were a little stinky at times.
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I relate just about completely to the OP. Except the part about your husband. Mine works a job that isn't very physical so he gets away with showering about as often as I do.. every five days on average. In the summer on hot days we'll shower more often.

I also think that the more often you wash your hair the more quickly it gets greasy. My hair doesn't get start getting greasy until about day 5. I've never been a daily showerer. I prefer just spot cleaning with a washcloth as needed between showers. The kids are the same. They all get wiped down before bed and bathe every 5 days or so unless there's some kind of extreme dirtying event.
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I shower every morning. I can't go without a shower - mostly for my hair. I have very thin blonde hair and a very greasy scalp. I have tried 'no poo', etc... Doesn't work. I would love to not have to wash my hair everyday!...So I just shower every morning. DS has a bath quite often. Not every night but often. It depends on how dirty he is. Most of the time I would be happy to just get a wet cloth and wipe him down - thats all he would need tbh...but he HATES that and would rather get in the bath so bath it is. He HATES showers - so thats not happening for him lol!

We all know that we shower/bathe to get clean and smell nice - simple.
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Also, just a question - for those who don't bathe daily, how do you know you don't smell a little funny?
LOL! That's a tad existential, isn't it... how do you know you don't smell funny? Ah, but do you really know?

Like I say, I generally do shower daily because I love showers; but on the occasions I've skipped a day or two, I've been as confident of not stinking as any other day. I know what I smell like when I'm genuinely stinky, and I know I don't smell like that. Plus, I have a dutiful and adoring husband who'd tell me. It really does vary from person to person according to a whole bunch of factors - what they eat, how much they sweat, what kinds of fabrics and clothes they were, what deodorants/anti-perspirants they use, presence or absence of body hair, whether or not they smoke... Some people are able to get away with it when others aren't, is all.
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I shower twice a day: in the morning and before going to bed.
I just need a shower in the morning to wake up, and I can't go to sleep without feeling squeaky clean.
Most people bathe twice in my country.

Edited to add: My hair is curly and very thick. I can only comb it if it is wet, otherwise it looks horribly freezy. So another reason to shower every morning

DH started showering more since marrying me.
I would say that he showers every other day or everyday as needed.
The kids shower every other day like DH or as needed. My oldest boy HATES showering, so sometimes he managed to sneak away showered once a week!

I am teaching my 11yo daughter to shower daily and use the bidet for her personal hygiene.
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my mom would be horrified to learn i dont bath every day or that neither does my dd.

however we are a seasonal family. winters we bathe less. summers - depends. baths mainly means playing in the water. which could happen multiple times a day.

the longest i can go is 3 days. that's how long my hair will allow me in summer. by the 3rd day my superfine thin populated hair looks like somebody took a gallon of olive oil and poured it on my hair. so i have to 'shampoo' my hair ever second day. HOWEVER some days i just wash my hair in the sink.

we've had some really hot sweaty days so i have had to bath every alternate day.

my dd nearly 7 just started with BO. so i make sure she washes her underarms and bottom everyday.
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since dd has become a messy toddler we have implemented an almost-nightly bath - mostly to get the food/dirt/etc out of her hair. But we never use soap or shampoo.
Several times a week I may jump into the bath with her (I'm pregnant and it relaxes me). Once a week I have a shower, wash my hair with shampoo & armpits with soap.
Dp showers every day that he works - but he also needs to shave every day so I guess it goes hand in hand.

I find if I bathe any more than that I get really dry & itchy. My hair is always super healthy too. . . works for us.
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I shower everyday, because I suffer from boils . My DH doesn't have a scheduled shower, so it's whenever he wants to. Oldest DS showers everyday, sometimes twice a day in the summer. I've been having 8 yr old DD shower everyday in the summer, because she can get stinky. I bathe 5 yr old DD every other day because she needs it, she started having stink underarms at 4 1/2 . I'm more relaxed with 6 yr old DS, like his dad he doesn't have a schedule(he doesn't really like baths and he HATES showers). I bathe 21 month old DS everyday sometimes twice because sometimes I clean his butt in the tub after a diaper blowout. My 5 month old DD doesn't have a schedule. I wipe her down with a baby wipe or two. When I think she needs a bath I give her one, she's another one who hates baths.

Sorry for the thesis,
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Dh showers/bathes daily.

Dd and I shower/bathe about every other day. Like a pp, we have fine straight hair that gets visibly oily and 2 days is about the time it starts looking and feeling bad. I also have a skin condition and if I go longer without bathing it gets worse.

Sometimes dd would go longer between full baths when she was younger but she needs it more often now.

We do use minimal soap on our bodies and not a lot of other products on our bodies.

In hot weather I take cool or cold showers/baths to help cool off.
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I shower daily. I try to go without some days but I can't stand the feeling of my greasy hair touching my face. If I workout, I'll take another shower, usually just to rinse off. DH showers once a day too, some days twice if he plays baseball or is especially sweaty.

As for the kids, we've sort of settled into a routine of bathing them every second night. The baby just gets a sponge bath.
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I rinse off every day, wash my hair every other or third day. My kids get a bath or shower once or twice a week unless they are really muddy, sandy or covered in something else I don't want in bed with me. Then they get washed before bed.

For the people who do wash clothes every day I would think that would be about the same to the skin as a rinse in the shower, or maybe not.

Also, as an aside, my inlaws shower maybe once or twice a week but do the wash cloth wipe in the morning. When we get in the car with them the smell is really gross to me. My older child always asks what that yucky smell is, I have to keep the windows opened. I don't notice it too much otherwise, except if I am hugging them or standing really close but confined it is powerful. They are oblivious. Is there some way to gently ask them to shower or bathe more frequently when they are here?
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Originally Posted by sisteeesmama View Post
I am happily settled in the once or twice a *week* camp. I have gone longer, it is really just not a big deal to me, no excuses for why, either.

I have several reasons some of which have already been mentioned:
1. I think soap can be damaging to the skin.
2. I do not shampoo my hair plus I am on the way to dreads so I don't comb it and I have coarse curly hair so I really don't do much with it except occassionally when I bathe I oil it.
3. I think it is a monumental waste of a finite resource to bathe often unless you have a low flow shower head.
4. I don't feel I want to allocate the time everyday, I would much rather collage, bead or sew.
5. DH already showers most days so to me that is a lot of water being used.
6. I would rather have the option to occassionally run the dishwasher.
7. Hot showers make me tired and cold showers aren't as practical in my new colder locale.
With dd I bathe her if she needs it. That could be 3-4x a week or none, depending. She loves baths but she also loves the wading pool we have in the back yard.
If ever her need to shower grows bigger than what I feel is appropriate I will just allot her a certain number of shower/bath minutes a week and she can use them whenever she wants to meet her needs. We will not be a 'showering for the fun of it', or even a showering twice a day kind of home, to me that is wasteful. But I can handle it if she wants to shower/bathe 5-6x a week, no prob. I can't see us ever being a shower every single day kind of family.
I can understand wanting to conserve resources, but what if your dd really feels like she needs to shower daily when she gets older? Would you not allow her to? How will you ascertain what amount of minutes is appropriate?
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i shower 2-3 times a week and wash my hair on saturdays.

dh showers every morning. sometimes in the evenings after work too. he washes his hair 2-3 times a week.

the boys get bathed after we swim to get the chlorine off. probably 4 times a week. they get soaped about once every 2 weeks.

to answer the stinky question, yes, i smell. no, i don't care. if it's really bad, i'll rub some baking soda in my pits.
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Originally Posted by salmontree View Post
I also think that the more often you wash your hair the more quickly it gets greasy.
I think it depends more on your hair. DS's hair is thin like mine as is DD1. DD2's is curly and think like DH's and DD3's is really curly but thin.

DS and DD1 need to wash their hair more often. Since DD1 takes a shower every day I can't speak for her (but do know if she skips just one day her hair is looking kinda gross.) But, DS hates baths and only gets one once a week or if really needed. By the morning of day three his hair is not only looking greasy but it's frizzy in the back where he sleeps on it or from his car seat. No amount of combing with just a wet brush helps. However since he hates baths so much I just deal with his greasy hair for several more days.

It really depends more on your hair type and not how often you wash it.
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We bathe when we need to which is different for all of us. For me it's daily as I have strong BO, lots of unruely hair, and itchy skin when I don't shave. For DH it is when he is dirty. He works outdoors in the desert heat and sweats a lot but amazingly doesn't smell. However he gets lots of dirt on him. My girls use to bathe like 3 times a week (except our DD with severe eczema who we rarely give a full bath as it hurts her and inflames her) but now our oldest gets pretty dirty during the day (she is active) as does our 2 year old.

My first 2 DDs when they were infants only needed to be wiped down. They never really got full on baths until they were 8 months or so. But DD3 always got breast milk and spit up everywhere. To this day I can't figure out how but the girl got it in every nook and cranny and smelled sour if she wasn't bathed daily.
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