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BumGenius 3.0

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When I first got these diapers, I was in seventh heaven. It was the first time I'd ever used a pocket diaper before, and I couldn't believe the ease of only 1 layer. The one-size design is brilliant, though we only used them begining when DS was just over a year old (when he started to become a maniac during dipe changes and we needed something faster than 2-layer dipe+cover system.

Now, just a year later, I'm wishing I had gone with a brand that uses snaps. My velcro looks awful. Awful. Hook tabs re bending backwards and not staying put. The laundry tabs are useless now, and my dipes come out of the washer in 1 long string. I assumed I did something wrong with them, but my conversations with every other mom who uses these is the same - it all goes to pot about 8 months later. At $18 per diaper, I feel that they should have held up better. I was nervous about snaps because the fit is reported to not be as good. But with Moms I know who've tried both snaps and velcro say that the snaps is hands-down better. I'm looking into Fuzzi bunz or Rumparooz now, if I can sell these and recoup a little of te $$$. Some of ours were used 1.0 and 2.0, but most were new 3.0. I even suspect the older ones have held up better on the velcro front.

There is a very helpful site that shows you how to convert your velcro to snaps, but I might ratehr put the time and money into a different brand of dipes.
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I did end up putting in the time to convert to snaps, and I'm sad to report that we are giving up on these diapers. The snaps do not give a good enough fit, and the snaps are long and difficult to get on a squirmy toddler. Even when I manage to get a dipe on him, the inserts don't hold toddler-sized pee. I've had complete flooding 0 minutes post-dipe change. I'm so disappointed in the time and money I invested. I'm hoping to have better luck with prefolds and a one-size cover.
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I know this review is kind of old, but I just wanted to add my 2 cents. I had the same experience with this diapers as Shanna, and was promised replacement tabs by Cotton Babies, but they never came. I was also annoyed to find that the wrecked velcro tabs, in addition to not keeping the diaper closed, scratch and chafe my dd's thighs. The rash looks very painful, so we're tossing these dipes. BTW, the velcro tabs started curling and getting un-sticky after about 8 months, as well. We will NOT be buying this kind of diaper for baby #2. In fact, I'll probably stay away from any product with velcro.
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