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Well, I would do a sign AND tell everyone over and over what you want or don't want.
We ended up in the hospital for our ds birth (Started out as a home-water birth) and after he was born, we told them all the things NOT to do...no bottles or pacifiers, bath etc...
We didn't bathe him for really quite a while. The nurses were obviously VERY uncomfortable with this as they would drop little hints here and there. Finally, on our last day there (we were there for 3 days) one nurse tried her best to make me feel like a bad mom. She told us that they don't take those nursery pictures of babies who haven't had a bath yet, and sent down to our room a little container of antibacterial soap!

Apparently, newborns need to be scrubbed with a brush under hot water with antibacterial soap. (I've heard of a nurse at this particular hosptial doing this to a nb... )
Just makes me so mad...
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I made my signs last night. They are small and colorful and very non-obtrusive. I'm thinking they might get paid more attention too because they aren't just black letters on white paper. I decorated them too and wrote them like they were from the baby....

I am learning to breastfeed. Please do not offer me a bottle or paci. If I am crying please find my mommy or daddy.

(I'm not sure why he would be away from us but you never know)

I know I'm new but I do have a couple requests
NO bath
NO eye ointment please
NO Hep B (I refuse )
Thank you so much for caring!

And those are the signs.
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She told us that they don't take those nursery pictures of babies who haven't had a bath yet, and sent down to our room a little container of antibacterial soap!
One of the things on my birth plan was NO PICTURES! I didn't think a new baby would like being under lights and having a flash go off in her eyes.

For the bath, dh did it while the nurse ran warm water. No soap was used, and I was there the whole time.

There is nothing they do in the nursery they can't do in your room, unless the baby has a health problem requiring a special piece of equipment. Even c/s babies who are born that way for reasons other than (real) fetal distress don't need special care.
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Yeah, we skipped the pics too!!

I don't see why they would need to take baby either but I'm trying to be "prepared" for anything! I figure we'll do a "bath" on the second day...if we choose to. Dh is a little grossed out by not giving baby a bath right away but I explained why and he understands. I explained to him that we would clean off any blood if it would make him feel better. He said ti would so we'll just spot bathe baby at first.
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k was born by c-section and was taken from the or by her daddy to the nursery. she was brought to me in recovery as soon as i was released from surgery.
my hospital was very pro-rooming-in but wouldn't let a c-section babe stay unless someone was awake in the room. considering dh was getting just as much sleep as i was, k spent part of her first few nights in the nursery. her chart listed clearly she was breastfed, so, when she awoke, she was brought to me.
our second night in the hospital, we had a breakdown with me and dh having no idea how to get k to calm down and latch on, even though she was clearly hungry. i was strung out on only 2 hours sleep in the last 2 days and sobbing, so we let her be taken to the nursery and be fed a little formula (less than 2 oz.). they asked for our premission several times to clear it. we also had to ask for the paci for the ride home.
she recieved no vax in the hospital (besides the eye gunk) and still hasn't. she's supposed to recieve her hep b at 2 months, but i want to delay it a bit more.
we didn't have a sign for her bassinette. we had the same nurse all day and all night on each day (which equaled 4 nurses), so they knew my name, her name, dh's name and everything we wanted, so we did well.
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At my hospital there were no bassinets in the nursery. There was a sign on the door saying "All babies are with their moms!" I suppose if a baby was sick it would stay there. This is a hospital with a c/s rate of 18% (at least that's what they admit to).

C/s babies are often born healthy and there is no reason to arbitrarily separate them from their moms. I had a difficult vaginal birth and dd slept in my bed with me even though I was not awake.
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hey hey hey congadulations!!!


I too had to be VERY clear on what not to do ect but the 3 days I was in the hospital my son was in the nursery 3 times and let me tell u the nurses COULD NOT BELIEVE i was spending so much time with MY baby sick huh?
are u sure you dont want a brteak? oh we can give him some formula spo u can get some sleep..

how bout a bath? oh we have to weight him and and my favorite one was we are so bored back there cant we play with him?

small town..

when he did go for pictures,1 billyruben2 and last weight before we left 3 it was like a hay day!

god bless your new love and let me tell ya, one nurse there gave me the nicest compliment she said good for you for stickin up for your new babe, and i pass that on, its hard to confront them and last thing we want to to is look like a moron so way to go!
i just love the sign!
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When Lars was born they(the nurses) put "NO CIRC" right across the top of the crib card. I also have a tear off page of my birth plan that is just baby instructions. This is to go to the nursery if the baby needs to go there. Neither of them ever went to the nursery for anything, so we didn't have to worry about it!
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Well, didn't use the signs.....

Bryce was born and with us for about 2 hours before they noticed his breathing problems and he was in the sick baby nursery for 30 hours. So the signs were the last thing on our minds!

BUt he is healthy now!! (and I'm putting the signs in his scrapbook!
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