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Our little girl is here!

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On thursday I went to my acupuncturist for my last session. Since she was going on holiday next week and my doctors wanted to induce me on term (july 8), we decided she should try to induce the birth. She also gave me some homeopathic remedies.

So after that I went to do some shopping. I came home, had a meal and decided to have a nap. I woke up around 4.30 pm and right after I started to feel some contractions. But they weren't regular and not very strong. And I had something similar the night before, but then it just stopped after a couple of hours.

So I decided to just wait and see what happened. At 6 pm they started to feel stronger, so I decided to call the midwifes at the hospital since I was unsure when we should go. I live on an island, so we have to travel by ferry to the hospital. And it takes about 1.5 hours to get there.

The midwife at the hospital told me I was welcome to come for a check-up. But she told me I could also call a local midwife and have her check on me if I didn't want to risk to get sent back home. So I decided to do that. I packed some stuff for my older kids and we drove them to my parents house. On the way there my contractions became stronger and I was now sure I was in labour.

We went from there and to the local midwife. She checked on me and found that I had 5-6 cm opening and that the water could break any time. She recommended we didn't go on the ferry alone and called an ambulance. So she came with me in the ambulance and my DH came after with our car. Now it was 7.15 pm.

The worst part was having to lay on an ambulance stretcher while having contractions. I wasn't able to move like I would have otherwise. But I did work trough it and I tried to use my hypnobabies techniques.

So we came to the hospital at 8.15 pm and they rushed me up to the maternity ward where a midwife and a child nurse were waiting for us. My DH was still outside finding parking and then trying to find me.

The moment I came into the maternity ward I felt like pushing. On the first push my water broke. On the next I felt a burning and the midwife told me to wait untill the next to push more. And on the third my little girl was born. About 5 minutes after I came into the room she was laying on my chest. And 1 minute after that my DH came running into the room.

I'm so greatful I didn't have to be induced and I had a great birth without any interventions. I don't even have any perinial tears and I feel in great shape. I actually felt in far better shape the day after the birth than the day before when I was huge and pregnant.

We stayed in the hospital untill the next morning and then went home and got the older kids from my parents. I love being home with my family!

A few pics
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That is really exciting!! Big congratulations!
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:: Congratulations, mama! She beautiful! I love the pictures!
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Congrats! What a cool birth story!
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AWESOME birth story! Congrats, congrats! Welcome earthside little one!
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Congratulations, mama! You have a cutie there.
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Wow what timing! congratulations on your beautiful baby! :
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Wow, what an exciting birth! Congratulations! :
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What beautiful kiddos you have! And what a smooth sounding labor. Congrats!
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Oh my goodness! She's so sweet! Congrats!
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Congratulations and welcome baby girl!
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Congratulations!! That is an awesome story, sorry your DH missed the birth!!!
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Congrats Mama!!!
Welcome baby! ::
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Wow! Great story! Welcome, baby!

so did the ambulance go on the ferry?
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Thanks everyone!
Originally Posted by ATruck View Post
Wow! Great story! Welcome, baby!

so did the ambulance go on the ferry?
Yes, the ambulance went on the ferry. No other way to get to the hospital from where we live. And it would have been better to give birth on the ferry in the ambulance with a midwife present than alone in our car where all the other passengers could have seen me. But I'm glad I got to the hospital in time.
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