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feeling nothing!

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I know I have 2 weeks left to go- all you ladies having your babies already make me wish there was some ACTION in the birthing department here lol. I feel very uncomfortable and have had some painless contractions but definitely nothing that I'd consider action.

Anyone else feeling like this? Or I am I the only one haha.
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I'm due in less than 2 weeks, and I feel no signs of labor. I do have braxton hicks contractions pretty often, but they are completely painless. With DD, I felt nothing until I went into labor. (Granted it was 24 hours of labor, but I had absolutely no signs the day before.) We are LUCKY!!! Some women have pre-labor for days and even weeks before the baby arrives.
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Yeah, right there with ya! I'm "due" the 13th, and keep hoping this baby will come soon! I was disappointed yesterday, I really wanted a July 4th baby. My new goal is July 8th, but really, I don't have much to do with it.

Some contractions here and there, I even had two that were 8 minutes apart. Means nothing. Ugh....there are so many babies being born every day, it makes me anxious and excited!!

But other than feeling miserable and having pubic pain, nothing real in the labor department.

AND, since I'm kind of complaining already, I've had a few breakdowns lately,DP has ben bedridden by food poisoning, DD just woke up with a cold, and then gave it to me! I have a sore throat and feel like crap all over. WHICH, I might add, makes me even more discouraged because I have read that your body will wait until you're not sick to allow you to have the baby. Now, whether that is true or not, I don't know, but it sure isn't good news right now.

Oh, sorry to rant, don't mean to take over your post...just needed to get that out, I guess.
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My edd is 3 wks from now and I am feeling the same way. Have had a lot of discomfort, but contractions are not consistant enough to amt to anything. I'm dreading that it will be like this for a while yet.
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That's how I feel too. . .some BH (rather enjoyable, actually. . .I like how they involuntarily take over and I can just ride the wave) but that's about it. Technically 11 days to due date, although obviously that means nothing, heh. I feel so little going on that I wonder if I might make it to August, lol!
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I'm due next Saturday, and I've had nothing going on. Not even hardly any BH. A few at night some times, but nothing that seems like anything. I'm with Folkymom in that I kind of like them when I have them. I'd like to get used to that tightening sensation. I'm just wondering if it will make things seem more intense once stuff finally does happen, since it seems like my body hasn't been "practicing" like some of these prodromal labor mamas. . .
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I got *nothin'* happenin' over here either! Except, I was due on the first! No discharge, no cervical change no contractions... the baby hasn't even dropped!

I'm losing it!
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Yep, nothing. I'm due on Saturday.
I think I'll have the baby this tuesday or wednesday around the full moon.
I didn't feel any prelabor stuff with my last ds.
Honestly it's weird to be waiting for something so major and just feeling like it's happen anytime.
I did make a "birthday cake" last night. I think we'll just eat it today
Glad there's still some of us left!!!
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I can't decide which is worse---feeling nothing and having no changes or having changes but no baby yet. I have had prodomal labor and been dilated
2-3 cm for weeks now, but no other symptoms that baby will be here soon. No loss of mucous, bloody show, or loose stools. Everytime I see my midwife, she says that she is surprised that she hasn't gotten "the phone call" from me yet. UGH!! Seriously, how can I have a 12hr period with contractions that eventually fizzle out? It's very depressing. Thinking maybe this baby is really enjoying his home a little too much!!
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I'm 38w, so I've got at least a week.
I had mild cx all day yesterday and the day before. Dh keeps telling me that I should at least call the mw, but I haven't because they really aren't anything. It so is messing with my mind, because I am totally ready for them to be something.
Nothing else though.
Plus I keep remembering that each baby is different, and even though my last 2 were at 39, this one could totally go to 40 or whatever.

But goodness there are already a lot of babies in this ddc.
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Nothing going on here, either. No mucus, no other signs, just a bunch of on again, off again BH.

I'm not "due" for 3 weeks, but my last u/s claimed my due date was July 6th, based on her size. I think that got my hopes up a little that this one would be earlier (I know, I know, u/s this late are WAY off).

It's also hard knowing that on one hand I'm very close to progressing...50% effaced and already starting to dialate...but I also *know* that women can be like that for weeks before they progress further.

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I am "due" in 6 days, and show very little progress also. I am barely effaced, not dilated at all, and baby finally started to descend a bit. Lots of BH and a few "real" contractions, but that's it! I know that everything can really happen at once, so there's no indication one way or another about when I'll go into labor, but I'm soooooo ready to not be pregnant anymore! Getting up off the couch is painful, rolling over in bed is painful, I'm exhausted all the time. My poor 4 year old - he's so good to me, but I feel badly for not really being able to play with him for several weeks now. I just can't run around or sit on the floor with him.

It would be easier if there were some kind of countdown clock and I knew when it was coming. The best I can do is figure it'll most likely be in the next 2 weeks. Yikes, 2 more weeks of this!?
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My EDD is Wednesday... just 3 days away! Nothing going on here, yet. Well, I did lose a tiny clear glob of mucous yesterday, which was exciting because I guess it means something is going on with my cervix, but who knows.

Tuesday is a full moon!!!
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ooooh I'll hope for the full moon... every though I'll only be 38.5 weeks haha.
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I'm right there w/ all of you....I'm due 7/16, but I have been "grounded" for weeks and would really feel better if I was at least sitting here w/ y little lady. Instead I'm just sitting. I did loose a small clear glob of mucus 2 days ago and she dropped yeatseerday.

I guess these are signs of something happening, but I know it csn still be weeks. I really want her to be a cancer though so I hope things continue to increase ...

By the way, I bought a pineapple tonight at the grocery store. I figure I will start munching on it tomorrow. At this point I'm trying anything...it can't hurt, right?
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Hey Lindsay, I am not due until the 25th although I think it will be more like the 19th/20th.

I am actually in no huge rush. I always get this way at the end, FREAKED out that I am going to ahve a newborn to look after, LOL!

Plus it has been unseasonably cool here which has helped. If it were as hot as it usually is in July I'd probably be dying to go into labour!
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I have nothing going on either. I don't really expect to, since I'm not due until the 20th, but I'm still hopeful. None of my other kids have been even a DAY early though, so I expect to go the full distance. Bummer for me! Maybe this one will surprise me!
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I still have almost 3 weeks to go and I don't really know what to call a labor symptom anyway! I got all excited a week ago because the baby dropped and I was having "period" feelings which the mw called the beginning of prodromal labor. But that has fizzled out, no "real contrax", just more intense BH's. I scrambled to finish work so I could be home just in case and now I am realizing that I may just be bored and impatient for weeks!

It doesn't help that both mw and ob told me I probably wouldn't go "late" because of the LO dropping at 36w- now watch me go to 42 after 5 grueling weeks of waiting...
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It's getting closer and I'm getting a little nervous but I'm still hoping for the full moon effect. My EDD is the 12th but I'd love to have it this weekend. Not up to me though, right? I've had a few cramps and lots of BH's, but nothing else. Trying to walk around and stay relaxed and ready!
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I dont reall yknow what to call a labor symptom either- LOL! (I do already have a dd, yes, but she was induced, I never went into labor on my own.. so this is all new all over again. Every time I feel like there is something productive going on contrax wise, I realize I haven't peed in a real long time, LOL and after I go... so does the ctx.. LOL!!
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