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DS2 (6 months) loved his bird and elephant cherry wood teethers, and his elf doll, which looks pretty ridiculous but it's cute and good practice for later dolls.

DS1 liked his train table from daddy, first comment he made was joyfully announcing his brother couldn't reach up there. He liked his wooden animals but hasn't stopped to play with them much yet, though the sheep did sit in the driver's seat of his bobcat loader truck thing.

The family liked their fleece scarves a lot, soft and warm and colorful and they thought the cuts were pretty straight. That was an easy and cheap gift for 12 people.

DH loved his shield. He swordfights in the society for creative anachronism and I got him an aluminum tournament shield blank and painted it with his heraldic arms (certain blue and yellow stripes and a stag). He's all excited about adding the handle and edging next.

We didn't finish DS2's booties but we will.

The candy was wonderful. So were the dinners, the Christmas Eve feast with guests was huge and came out perfect, and I didn't drop til it was over. DH stuffed himself, having been on a diet for 2 months it was really something for him to pig out on great food for a couple of days before getting back to it.

My dad got DH a great woodworking book so more homemade things are in store in the future.
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Well- we aren't really done- but my children loved thier gifts! DD loved the mermaid doll and her and DS both adore their barn/doll house bags (that I forgot to give them in the morning!)

I have to finish up the afgan for my mom and make my cousins girls some baby clothes yet- but don't need either of those till January 2.
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I'm glad everything is being loved and enjoyed after all your hard work.

I also want to put a bug in your ear about our swap we are going to do that I'm going to organize. I still need a few weeks, b/c I have my sons birthday and party next week, but then after that we can figure out a good time.
But I wanted to get your wheels turning and then I will pull it over to the swap forum.
I would like to do a round robin if that's okay. One box, with several homemade items that are a suprise. But I would love everyone to list a few things they would love to receive and hopefully when you get the box, there will be one or several of those things. For example, I would love to get a cowl so I will prob. list that as one of my hopes to receive. I think we should limit the number of stuff in the box though. Like maybe three items? So when you get the box, you pull out what you want (even if it's all the items) and then you replace that same number in the box. There is a round robin swap going on right now, you can read all about it and see how its working. I don't really have time to organize this person and this person are swapping this and this. This will be easier and I love the element of surprise. What do you think?
This swap will be for participants on this thread. I'm hoping to keep it somewhat small.
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Sounds great!And thanks for your willingness to organize.
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Ladies-next week I will be posting in the swap forum for our swap. But I'd love to get a quick count of how many of you are planning on joining. Please think of a few things you have on your wish list that can be made by other mamas.
Please plan on making three things to go in the box to be sent around and picked out as each person receives the box.

That is all. Thanks.
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I think I am in! I would love one of those bird or fish teethers... those are so beautiful!
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I would be in!

My dad just got me a home depot gift certificate, so I'm off to buy a bandsaw and dremel.
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Ive been out of town, so I havent been checking in but Im SOOO in for the swap...We need a hand in the air smiley!!!
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I have not forgot about you. Just got super duper busy. I will try organize this in the next week or so. If I can't end up doing it, I will come here and let you know.
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