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My hips are KILLING me!!

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I have pelvic arthropathy (had it with DS, too) and it's been manageable up to now. All of the sudden, this weekend, it's been impossible to find a comforatble sleeping position. Sleeping on either side puts so much pressure on my hips that I can only stay on each for an hour or two, sleeping on my back isn't very comfortable, and there really aren't any other options.

Argh! Anyone else have this? What do you do? I guess I should just be grateful that it waited until week 36 to get really bad, but I would sort of like to sleep at some point before the baby gets here!
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I hear ya! I can't sleep on my back due to wicked supine hypotension, I can't sleep on my front for obvious reasons and lately I've been having problems sleeping on my sides. I get terrible pains and weakness in my left leg brought on by sleeping on it. I get rib pains now too from sleeping on my sides, and there seems to only be one magical spot on each side where I don't get back pain as well... basically my solution is to sleep as long as I can stand it on my sides and when the pain gets too bad I switch to my recliner (I would die without my recliner right about now). The recliner gives me time for my legs to hurt less and then I switch back to bed... back and forth I go!
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Only thing that has provided a little relief is doubling up on the pillows between my knees. So, now I have two and it raises my knees to hip height. Hips still hurt, but I have a longer period of time on each side before I have to move to the other side.
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Glad I'm not the only one with this problem. I am going to the Chiropractor on Wednesday, hoping she will be able to help me out...
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I am just having general pelvic pain.... but I know it is not fun, and it sounds like what you have is worse! I am walking like a very, very old woman right now.
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omg! This is/was me! I know I had this with dd1, and now with dd2..and with dd2 it has laster after the delivery - literally, when I roll over in bed I have to move my entire lower body as one unit or my pelvis cant support the weight. I went, with dd1, to 4 different dr's - everyone told me it was normal pain, etc...thank you so much for bringing it to my attention! I know Im not crazy now..

As for what works for me...I found it gave me temporary relief if I did the following stretch: sit on floor fit together and as close to groin as possible, and then push knees to the ground until you feel a little bit of pain. It sounds weird - but I found if I pushed until I felt a little bit of pain the joints seemed to temporarily be put back into place....
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I don't think I have what you have, but I do have some definite hip pain! It takes about 2 minutes to roll onto my back, where I have to lay for a few minutes before I can roll to the other side. Wake up a few hours later and repeat. And then getting out of bed in the morning, it's painful and hurts to walk for a couple of minutes. I guess I know what it's like to be 80!
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I'm going to yoga tonight...hopefully that will help.

Also, I started sleeping on top of the pillows, which helped last night... we'll see if it sticks. I only got up three times! Woot!
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I don't have any advice, BUT I do empathize. I have killer hip pain with this third pregnancy. I have no clue WHY, b/c I actually have a temperpaedic matress this time, so I thought for sure it would help with this issue. All that I know is that I wake up in the morning feeling MORE sore than I did when I went to bed. The hip pain is the worst thing at nighttime and then during the daytime the worst thing is the, "baby is going to fall out" feeling and pelvic pressure.
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I had horrific hip pain in the 3rd tri...I went to a physical therapist and they gave me exercises that helped a ton. I strongly recommend getting in asap. BTW I was also seeing a chiro during my pg but they were not able to help my hips. Pillows between my legs helped some as well, but the PT was the real key.
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