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Amniotic fluid leak and ph test strip questions

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I'm 33 weeks pregnant with my fourth. Last Wednesday my midwife gave me some nitrazine test strips to test for amniotic fluid, because I have been bothered by wetness and had a slow leak in an earlier pregnancy. The strip came back positive for amniotic fluid, so she gave me a game plan to follow -- regular checks of baby's heartrate, drinking lots of water, keeping very clean, vit c, etc etc. My midwife is now out of town for a month, but on Tuesday I'll be seeing a midwife who attended my last birth.

What I'm wondering now is, how accurate are these test strips? Could it be something else, or nothing at all? I tested again today and it came back positive again. Has anyone else had a positive test strip, but it turned out not to be amniotic fluid?
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NO. I have only had a positive strip once and it was at 26 wks with my son. I had PPROM and was taken to a hospital with a level III NICU. I stayed in labor and delivery for 3 days, and then ante partum for 3 1/2 weeks.

I would suggest calling your HCP or whoever is standing in for her and going to L&D. 33 weeks is still pretty early and your baby may require help breathing if born now. Also, with PROM you will need to be checked for infection and most likely given antibiotics. Even with the antibiotics, my son was born with pneumonia.

Good luck!
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I did also have to take the tests but at the lab it was always okay
but then I had some leak.. so I was uneasy..

I went to local drug store and they all have the tests so I just
bought a set and tested at home..

then nothing again.

but I know the feeling of being nervous..
MY kiddo is 4 now so this is old story .. but then it was so real...
and worrying..

I just never took by choice any of the scanning tests.. none
so that was bit nerve wrcaking..

then again people are making mistakes all the time even reading
the scans and doing all the guess works so I would not trust thata much
them either..

having said that I tried to be on the top of things myself
and I defenetely would do the drinking lots of water thing
as it is widely recommended..

other then that I hope someone with more current and better
experience will reply

till then hugs and best wishes.

ps. you might google aminiotic fulid leak and see
current recommendations and how you can check for
symptoms yourself other then test.. measuring the size of
the belly etc..

and also how serious or not is it at your term.
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