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Our baby Charlotte is here!

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Hi all,
Congrats to all the mamas that have had their babies and good luck to all that are going to soon!!
We had our baby girl at 37 weeks and 5 days. She is perfect and tiny. We had a homebirth and LOVED it. It was an intense labour (way more so than my 8lb 3 oz son's labour). She came into the world on July 3rd at 6lbs 5 oz. We are all well!!!
Hope to read many more birth stories soon!
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Congratulations, mama! :
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Congrats mama ~ love the name, too ~ our new LO is Charlotte Mae! Does she have a middle name?
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:: Congratulations, mama! Glad you loved your homebirth. Welcome, Baby Charlotte!
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Congratulations, mama!
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Congratulations and welcome baby Charlotte!! I love that name!
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Congrats and welcome, Charlotte! I would love to hear your birth story!
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Welcome Charlotte! :
I just love that name!
Congrats Mama! Yeah home birth!
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Congratulations mama and welcome baby Charlotte!
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Congrats!!! Welcome earthside little one
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Congratulations to you and your family!!!:
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yes, her middle name is Nubia - after my fav aunt and most amazing woman I know!

My water broke at work on Thursday morn. I met my midwives at home and we laboured for a long time, though it was irregular and very managable. I had a BAD sinus infection and was on anitbiotics so a bit hard to do my full hypnobreathing that worked so well for my son's labour.

Anyway, after they came and went through the day, the midwives decided to call it a wrap at 3:30am on Friday morning. I went to sleep though had some really INTENSE surges at night. I woke up at 6:30 and felt NOTHING REALLY for about 4 hrs. Then had to get a NST done at the midwives clinic. Baby was fine, I was fine, only surging irregularly (5-10-15 mins apart). They were very strong though. My midwife had the "infection" talk with me after waters being broken for 24+ hrs...I declined to go to hospital. I knew they'd induce me if I went. Risk of infection is only 1%, something I felt we could handle. She told me to see my Naturopath for acu, which I went to at 1:15, well as soon as those needles were in place, MAN I started surging hard and fast - 3-5 mins apart and STRONG!!!! My ND had to help me to my car (hubby was driving). I was really loud in the car, scared my 2 yr old son, though we did prepare him, guess it was a lot to see mommy in such intense surges. We got home at 2, midwives were here at 2:30 and I got in my jaccuzi tub (i was only 2 cm dialated at this point). In half an hour I was a full 10 cms and pushing. They had to get me out of the bath (not big enough for me to birth with them in it). Charlotte was born very quickly after - really only 20 mins of pushing.....

WAY different birth than my son's. His was slow and NEVER painful, just intense. Hers I have to say was much more intense, at times beyond that and painful. It was much faster...funny b/c she is 2lbs less than my boy was at birth! Yet I felt her move through so much more!

Anyway, we are all so happy. Thanks for asking the story mamas!
cant wait to read all yours if I've not already
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Congratulations Caroline!! What a strong mama!! Welcome Baby Charlotte and Happy Babymoon!!:
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Congratulations! Loved reading your story. My oldest daughter was 6 lbs too - and I know what you mean about feeling her move through - she wasn't painful to push out but I could feel every move she made as she wiggled out!
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Congrats! It sounds like you had a lovely birth experience!
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Thanks for sharing your story and congrats on the wonderful birth. Welcome Charlotte! :
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Congrats and welcome baby Charlotte!
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