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Not sure what I'm doing...

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DS is 13 months. I have been trying baby led weaning since he was 7 months. Thing is, I think they are supposed to be bfing less and eating more solids as time goes on. Not so in DS case. He still bfs the same amount of time as he always did - and ADDED the solids on as well.

So Im not sure what I'm doing... I thought for sure he would be night weaned by now, but on the other hand, I don't want to be the one to night wean him... I want him to do it when he's ready.

He still bfs 4-5 times a day and 3 times at night. So I guess I am now doing CLW?

What was your toddlers schedule like at 13 months and when did he/she stop feeding at night, and eating all day long?

I guess I am asking because I thought he would naturally start to wean at this age, but I also don't want to wean him myself because I believe that if he is still breastfeeding, then he must need to.
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I'm sure that if your toddler is eating solids that he is consuming less milk at each nursing session.

As far as nursing 4-5 times during the day and 3 times at night, it sounds pretty normal for me for a 13 month old. My 15 month old nurses at least that much on *average* days, sometimes more, sometimes less. There are even days when he will only nurse once or twice during the day, but that is not typical.
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My DD was nursing more than that at 13 months old. My DD started sleeping through most nights after nursing to sleep after she turned 2.5. Her day time nursing started becoming a lot less a couple of months after she turned three. Now at 3.5 most days she just nurses when going to bed and then when she wakes in the morning. Sometimes she nurses more often, maybe up to 4 or 5 times during a day.

I don't think LOs usually wean themselves before two.
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