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Ripped in two - what can I do to feel better?

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Since yesterday evening I have had this new pain in addition to the rest.
I have had pelvic girdle pain since month 7, so that's not it.
It is like I am being ripped in half in the inside.
More than just feeling like a "bowling ball between my legs" which I have felt for weeks, it literally feels like the same splitting in two pain you get when the baby is half way out. And that's NOT the case because when you have given birth many times before, the head does not engage until the last minute - or am I mistaken?

I need to do something to ease this pain because every time I stand up I need to hold back tears. Yes, baby will be here soon (40 wk + 1 day today) but until then I need to be able to walk to the bathroom or go feed the kids without crying.

What can I do for this?
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Just kidding. I couldn't resist sorry! And I have no real suggestions except to give birth!
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Find a D.O. that does osteopathic manipulative therapy or a chiropractor.

I have the same thing. I can't walk without doing the home exercises I was shown how to do. It's worth it.

Best wishes.
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I don't know what to do, but the bit about being engaged or not engaged - while people who have already had babies may tend not to engage until labor, that doesn't mean it always happens that way - if you have the bowling ball between the legs, that pretty much sounds like engagement to me!!

This is the first pregnancy I don't seem to be really engaged, though the head was down to -3 (an improvement LOL) last week. Usually, I have the bowling ball feeling but I'm not this time.

I'm with you on the splitting in two - I don't know what I did yesterday, I think I merely bent down to get something - but suddenly I couldn't walk because someone had sawed my pubic bone in half. I tried all different positions to try to reverse it, but it lasted all day - couldn't walk. This morning it feels better though. It's as if my pelvis is trying to pull apart (per usual for me in pregnancy) but then eventually ends up snapping back together again, which I find strange (as much as it does alleviate the enormous discomfort).

I think there's only one cure
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I had that same kind of pain before I went to the Chiro. It really helped ease those round ligament pains that I was having down low. She even massaged them regularly.

Good luck!

baby Ephram born 7/4/09
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Oh, how awful!
Are you doing anything to stimulate labor? It sounds like you just need to have the baby! Does sitting on a yoga ball help at all? Maybe sitting on a hot water bottle?
It is sooo hard when you have to take care of other people when you are in pain.
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Besides the natural stuff such as sex and walking, I am not planning on doing anything to induce labor besides the sweep tomorrow.

Yes, chiros are awesome for SPD.
I saw one with baby 4 and all the pain went away.
I have been having SPD this pregnancy, but this new pain is different. Incredible pain and pressure inside.

I am now pretty sure it is the baby's head that descended last night. Crazy I know, because it does not happen for multiparas until actual labor, but no other explanation makes sense. I have also noticed that today the baby cannot reach my ribs when kicking anymore and I can no longer see my belly button. So there has been a move downards. Oh, and sorry about the TMI, but another fun side effect is that I have needed to sit kn the toilet all day
- some serious cleansing going on.
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