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Joint swelling & pain = virus?

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Last week we were on vacation and my hands and feet/ankles swelled up. I never get swollen like that and it was pretty cool out so not from the hot weather. The swelling went down after a couple days but then my fingers, toes, knees, almost all my joints just hurt! It was like I had arthritis, I couldn't open jars, etc. It's been about a week now and I still have some pain but it's getting better.

Are there viruses that can cause joint pain and swelling? I was sort of sick about a week before this started but just for a couple days. Maybe it was some weird reaction to that? Has anyone had this happen before?
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Could you have had fifth's disease? I know that can cause lingering joint pain for up to a few months.
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Or a touch of the swine flu? It could definitely cause inflammation in the joints and muscles. It has happened to me with the regular seasonal flu--good news is it usually goes away!!
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Hmm, I didn't have a rash. Maybe it was just some random virus. I did a search on virus arthritis and it sounds like a lot of viruses can cause it. I never knew that. I sure hope the joint pain doesn't last a couple months! I'm teaching online this term and it kind of hurts to type right now.
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OMG! I just posted a thread at the top of this forum on the same thing!!! I started getting the same symptoms a few days ago, I have never had joint pain or even water retention and suddenly I can't move my wrists and my neck and head is killing me. It seems to be moving around my body, first my ankles then my elbows then my wrists (which are currently killing me) and my neck. Are you having bad neck and head pain as well? I went to the doctor today and he said it was a virus, that viruses can cause joint swelling and pain and to come back in a week if it still continues. But I had a hard time believing him! Do you have other cold symptoms? I have a bit of a sore throat and my ears are starting to hurt a bit but that is it. Sorry you are feeling bad, hopefully we both feel better soon!! This sucks!!! (but kind of relieved I am not the only one going through this!)
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I would be worried that it might be Lyme. If it is, you don't want to let it go or it can become a terrible chronic problem. The problem is that the treatment sucks - lots of antibiotics.
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weird this happened to me almost 2 years ago. i still have remnants of the pain/issues. it culminated in chronic abdominal pain. i did a huge elimination diet b/c i was so tired of the pain. my xchiro told me i had celiac disease

well one day i woke up and the pain was gone. i still have no idea what it was. but yes, the initial symptoms should have made it lyme disease...except it wasn't.
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I have had joint swelling and loads of pain recently and was just diagnosed with lyme. I haven't been bit by a tick for many years. I am dealing with it by drink lots of nettles infusions and seeing a chiropractor. I am almost all better. I don't want to do antibiotics now especially since I am pregnant.
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Sewknitty - It sounds like the same thing. I ddn't really have any cold symptoms, other than feeling kind of tired and run down. My neck is sore but I have a swollen lymph node back there, which I think is what's causing it. I hope you feel better soon! It's been about a week for me now and I'm feeling better. I was typing to my class and here yesterday and this morning and my hands feel pretty good.

My SIL asked if I thought it could be Lyme. I don't think it is (the last time I remember having a tick was like 35 years ago) but if it continues another week, maybe I'll go get it checked out.
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I did that when I had Fifths. Adults usually don't get a rash when they get fifths-they get lovely joint pain and swelling. I had lingering joint pain for several months afterwards.
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I'd be worried about Lyme too.
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