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Phillip Reid Anderson 1979-2008

My brother, my only sibling, Sgt. Phillip Anderson, was killed on March 10, 2008 in an IED explosion in Balad Ruz, Iraq. It seems so strange that whenever I talk about him now, I have to preface everything with that statement. He was 28 years old and my baby brother by two years. He had a wife and 16-month old son.

We grew up very close, partly because we had no extended family living near us. We walked to and from school together for 10 years. He always looked up to me and I helped guide him along. He was a wonderful, well-rounded man with a bright future.

Phillip was born on August 20, 1979 and grew up in Columbia, MO. Some of my happiest memories are of times we shared together. I remember us getting in trouble together. I remember the constant laughter and the many hugs. Phillip was as gentle as a kitten, but was also someone you would want to have your back in any situation. He was a challenge growing up, but he grew into a wonderful man and a dedicated soldier. He loved his job and the men he worked with.

Phillip was so bright and funny. He would have a whole room cracking up, usually because he would mess up a joke's punchline. I will never forget hearing "Hello? You're supposed to laugh now!" I will miss our phone calls. He never ended a conversation without saying, "I love you." I never wanted to be an only child and now I will never again be able to hug my big bear of a baby brother.

There is never a moment when I am not thinking about my brother.

I love you and miss you, Philly-Pup!

Beth Anderson
Proud Sister of
SSG Phillip Anderson 1979 - 2008
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for my mom who died of the side effects of chemo on April 26th, just after her 61st bday. I miss her so much.
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a poem for my dad

My father died on May 14th. He is always heavy in my heart. Here is a poem I wrote for him:

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Jesse, I really miss you. I thought about you really hard tonight and it was the first time I had cried in a few weeks. I wish you could have been happier in your life because you deserved it. I hope that your next life gives you all the peace and pleasure that you couldn't have in this one.

I love you buddy.

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Sloan, I know an internet candle is not a fitting way to honor your memory but it's all I can do. I never knew you well but the few times we met you struck me as a sweet and intelligent young man. Your brother always spoke very highly of you. I hope you've found whatever peace that was eluding you on this earth. You will be missed by many.

RIP Sloan
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I am so glad this is here. I am lighting a : for my brother,

Richard Raymond IV, May 5 1957, March 30, 2006

He was a recovered alcoholic, and had been sober for 20 years, and had a back injury at work. With no insurance, and no way to now earn a living, he lived with the pain until he could live no more. When the disablilty people called, my father answered the phone, "Sorry, you are too late. We are on the way to his funeral."

He never violated his sobriety, and we never knew how depressed he had become, because he absolutely never showed it. He was the life of the party, and always good for a George Carlin joke. His buddies Carol and Woody gave him a spot to lay him down. For that we will be ever grateful.

He was 17 months younger than me, and we were like twins. Where Rick was, there was I. We shared the Matchbox models, the car kits, and when he and his girlfriend Sally got married in 1980, we went to the wedding in New Jersey. Thier son Ricky is a fine young man now. Rick also had a daughter in West Virginia.

I know we will see him again, he is with Jesus, I just wish he was still here with us! The Sons of the Union Veterans, salute you!

Missing you mightily, Cathi & Carter, Jane, Dad, Dianne, Jimmy, Guynn, Libby,Ricky, Sally, and your nieces and nephews...
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If I may

Some people touch us in ways that compel us to tell everyone who will listen about how wonderful they were.

For me, I'd like to say a bit about my Nana (maternal great-grandma).
Mary Tricarico was 96 years old, and the center of my family. She played the piano at all our gatherings, getting us dancing or singing along to carols, teaching us to play duets with her, pinching our cheeks, the motherly and fierce Italian Nana personified. Even in her decline she was every bit the lady, and spent 3 hours plus EVERY night going over her rosaries and prayer cards for each and every member of our family.
I am SO grateful, that she met my then fiance and pinched him and told him he had 'a manly face' and that he should be good to me. We danced to her playing the piano one week before our wedding (which she could not attend) and she passed later that year, but my now husband caught a glimpse of what she meant to us and understands the loss.

My husband lost his grandma in the same year, and I was also blessed with being able to meet her once and see what a wonderful woman she was.
These are the people who make us who we are, and we are so grateful to them for their love and laughter that enriched our lives.

Now two years later my mom's sister Michele has passed from skin cancer, leaving behind a devasted hubby and two children. The foundations of my family are crumbling, everyone is becoming more and more distant, and it's heartbreaking to watch.

For all the family I have lost, please let me light a candle .. to match the ones in my heart.
Nana Noni Michelle Oma Nonno Grandpa Moore Grandpa Duck
And for my 'furry babies'
Noodles Twitch Nibbles & Digger Snowy & Simba
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our sweet baby girl joslyn marie lived for 7 minutes in my arms before flying away. She was born at 22 weeks due to preterm labor. The pain is still fresh, but we look forward to the day we can be together again. Visit me in my dreams little angel.
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for my mama, hope you found your peace, we're still here...
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For my friend Brendon, and his friends Milton and Kyle, who died too soon on February 11, 2001 in a car accident.
I hope my son Brendon can do you honor, "baby brother". I love you forever!
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A candle for my Dad

You were taken from us two years ago today. We still miss you so very much.
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For my infant son, Baker, born and died on April 3, 2008. Sadly, he did not survive his journey into this world. He weighed 7 lbs 11 oz and was 19.5 inches long. He had my chin, my husband's long fingers and big feet, and my mother's nose. We were surprised by his dark hair. He brought me joy with every wiggle and squirm as he grew in my belly. I miss my sweet dear baby every day. Please watch over your parents, little guy.

Mommy loves you.
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In Memory of My Daughter

Eight years ago today was the funeral of my 16 year old daughter, Courtney Marie. On September 14th, she went in to the bathroom to take a shower while getting ready for school. She never came out again. I found her floating face down in the bathtub. The autopsy couldn't determine the cause of death, but the death certificate said drowning. We knew that was true. We believe she had an undiagnosed heart problem, something I've since learned is more common in active teenagers than anyone realized.

Four hundred people attended her funeral. The next morning our extended family of 55 people followed us on to the ferry to take her Sequim be buried.
After we went back home to Lynnwood, there was a memorial service at a church were she attended a second youth group program. 300 people attended that service.

A year later, we had a celebration of life memorial at our new home in Sequim. We had a three day event of breaking bread, reading poems, reciting prayers, singing songs, lighting candles, and releasing balloons.

We are planning another event like it for 2010, but it will include others that we have lost over the years as well.

Courtney's death led me to The Compassionate Friends, whose advice and guidance help to acknowledge the pregnancies and miscarriages of my other four children, whose little lives I had ignored and blocked out of my memory.
They encouraged me to name my babies, and appreciate the gifts they brought to me in the short time they were in my life. But actually, they all are still in my life. Five of my six children are now angels, watching us as our guardian angels.

But that doesn't stop me from missing them terribly.

Cindi, wife of Tim (almost 30 years), angel Kehlie (mis 14 wks 1972), angel Patrick (mis 21 wks 1979), son Chris alive and well at age 27, angel Courtney (died age 16 2000), angel Tristin (mis 8 wks 1984), angel Trinity (mis 12 wks 1985)
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Aunt Amie. You have been gone now for five years. Some days the pain is just as great as it was when I first heard you were gone. I miss you forever.
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For my mother Jean. She left this earth on 9/17/08

I love you dearly and will miss talking with you on the phone, taking walks with you at the cabin and watching you with my children who adore you.
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For my brother, Bobby, I miss you, I love you and I promise that I am trying everyday to come to terms with your death.

For my mom, Barbara, I wish I could have been a little older when you died, I wish I had more memories of you. I suffered so much through my childhood and teenage years, moms are so important. For a long time I couldn't understand how you could just "leave" like that. I try everday to be a good mom in honor of you.

For my dad, Edward, to say I miss you seems strange after all you did to me and other children that you came in contact with. I do miss you (the sober non-abusive) you. I am trying to forgive you so that I can move on with my own life.

Searching for peace, searching for happiness, searching, always searching, that's me.
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I miss you Gram.

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I just want to say that I read here sometimes and many of your stories have touched me and hurt me to read because I feel so heartbroken for you. There are people who are thinking of you all in your time of need/loss even if we dont reply. I send you all my deepest condolences and love.

Also,I would like to remember my aunt kay who died of cancer, our neighbor and friend who died in iraq last yr and his grieving wife and small children who were left behind, my aunt debbie who commited suicide, my aunt billie who died last yr and my sister who was stillborn at birth.
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:Missing you Mom. I miss your phone calls, eating together, doing things as a family, celebrating life together. Say hello to Nana, Dobbie, Uncle Jim, Grandma and Grandpa for me.

You will be forever missed!

RIP Cheryl 5/21/45-11/12/08 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
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I've lost several people this year, and as the year is coming to a close... I feel like I would like to remember them, here.

My aunt Sharon died in March after battling lung cancer. At diagnosis, she was given 4 months to live, but fought it for over 2 years. And boy was she a fighter. Very quick-witted and sharp-tongued, but we loved her for it. Played a very memorable April Fool's joke one year on my brother, her 2 sons, and myself. I still tell that story often.
I'm very glad that she got to see her granddaughter born into this earth before she passed away.

My uncle Jim died in September. I did not know him well, but my mom had recently reunited with him again after years of no contact (long story, but this wasn't the fault of either of them). He was a sweet man, very simple-- was on disability most of his life due to a mental illness, but bused 2 hours each direction several times a week just to work at Albertsons for four hours bagging groceries and doing janitorial work. Simply because he loved it! I'm so sorry I did not get a chance to really know him. I was supposed to go with my mom next time she went to see him in the assisted care facility he was living in, and I did not get that chance.

Molly, a family friend that I've known since I was a little kid, died in September as well. She was very sick for a long time with liver and kidney failure. I was able to visit her less than 2 weeks before she died, and even though it was difficult, I am so grateful for that. I have so many memories of her when I was a kid. She loved to cook and play Bridge. I sadly was unable to attend her services because my uncle's service was on the very same day.

I mourn my family and friends, but I am also very relieved that I don't have any more to add to this list. There was a scare with my aunt on the other side of my family, and another friend is struggling with cancer and chemo. I am holding my loved ones even closer these days.
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