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Five years ago on March 16, my beloved father died.

I lost my mom last year and have been thinking about the two of them so much lately. Wishing they were here to see their beautiful grandchildren grow, talk me through some challenging things, or to just hear them call me "Red" "Stephy" or to hear a "love you hon."

: :
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For Adam

A dear old friend overdosed this week. He has not been at peace for a long time. I hope he has found it now. We have celebrated his life and his incredible heart in recent days. Please let some other friends of ours learn from everyone's pain so that we do not have to go through this again. Adam just turned 30.
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A friend lost her 10 year old daughter on Friday to pneumonia. It got very bad very quickly. She did everything right and it still took her baby. I'm so so sad and wish there was something I could do to turn back time and make it not happen.

For Emmy.

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I can't read any more of these! I'm bawling....

for my Dad 6/20/32--8/13/2008 Your "buddy" learned to ride his bike today. (my oldest DS, even when my dad was at his sickest, he had a smile and greeting for his "bud")

And my Grandma 12/20/13--the day before Thanksgiving, 2008. My gentle-parenting mentor and the person I *try* to be like with my kids....

we miss you....
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My best friend Maryam.

Mar, you struggled for so long with lupus. 32 is too young to die! You got me through the horrible years of middle school. We both had a crush on the same boy. You were kissed first, but I married first. I named my only child after you.

I'm sorry I wasn't there as often as I should have. You were my heart-friend, though, the one who knew me better than I knew myself. So many times I'd call you in crisis, crying over the phone. You were so sweet, so kind, so beautiful.

I know you were heartbroken that you couldn't have any children, so I hope you'll look down on my Maryam every so often and smile. She's as sweet and firey as you are. Were. I can't think about you in the past tense. Every time I say her name, I remember you.

I promise, she will know who you are - she'll see pictures and hear stories, even read the notes we wrote back and forth in class (yes, I kept them all!). I miss you so much it hurts.
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For my friend, John Paul, who slipped off an icy bridge after a car accident. : For his parents, who were put in the position where they would be happy just to find his body.

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Fifteen years, and my heart still aches.

I miss you, Daniel. I love you. The world is not the same without you in it.

Daniel Lee, 3/14/69 - 4/23/94.
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Lighting a candle in honor of my Mom for Mother's Day. Love you Mom!
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In memory of my mom, who died 10 days ago after a life lived in constant struggle with illness and injury.

Rest in peace, Mom.
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My mom died of cancer 6 months ago today.
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Aunt Amie, you've been gone now six years. It still feels like yesterday - I miss you and love you forever.
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For my lost little one, who died on January 5, 2005 after a long and gruesome 6 days of struggling. I remember you always. Love, Mama
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for my sweet, kind and beautiful husband Bill.
36 is far to young to move forward - you are missed so very much.
Thank you for leaving us with our hearts filled with your love and laughter which helps us reaching our next days.

I look forward to the day that I see your sweet smile again, when my job is finished here!
I love you B!
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