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It's been a month since we took our precious daughter Ruby off of life support due to a complication of RSV.

I wanted to do a memorial post to let her know that we all miss her very much. Mommy misses you so much Roo Roo and each day that goes by is one step closer to me wrapping my arms around you again when we meet in Heaven.

I love you so much Roo,


I'll sing your favourite song before I go to bed, you are my sunshine!!
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Today would have been Ruby's 2nd birthday and I just wanted to do a little memorial and light a for her. I made a special Roo Roo Bear for her, wishing her a : on a voice chip and putting in some of her ashes.

Roo's Birthday Bear
Roo's Birthday Bear Bottom (cause it just made me giggle)

I miss you so much sweet Ruby and I so desperately wish that you were here with us. You are such an energetic and happy child and I miss that terribly.

(((((huggles ~ kissies ~ toe nibbles)))))

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for my DH
as we pass yet another anniversary of you leaving this world
RIP my sweet man, my best friend, my soulmate my
& beloved Daddy.
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Chloe Isabella
b. February 5, 2007
Received her angel wings on March 28, 2007

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Lighting candles today, Mother's Day, for my Mother and Grandmothers Clara and Rosella. Miss you all so much!


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My mom was cool, my mom was smart, my mom was loving, my mom taught me how to be a woman & a mom, my mom drove me crazy & was my best friend. My mom loved my kids. My mom was too young to leave us. I miss her alot today, our first Mother's Day not together. The world should spin a little slower because my mom's not here. Everyone who sees me should notice a little piece of me missing because my mom's not here. I want to go outside & scream "MOM" & see if she answers. I want to dream about her tonight just to see her. I want her to come to Aidan somehow & let him know she can still see him & loves him tons. I light a candle for my momma pajama because I can still feel her next to me.

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Lighting a candle for my dad this Father's Day...

He taught me the simple pleasure of sitting on the patio with a glass of lemonade, watching the world go by. He taught me that the mind needs to be conditioned just like the body, and sparked my love for all things medical when he bought me The Visible Man at age three. He liked to "wind us up and let us go," something all kids need sometimes. If he had gotten the chance to meet my little Liz, he would have spoiled her rotten.

Instead of a funeral, he had a memorial drag race!

Peace, Dad! It was fun while it lasted.
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Very cool about the memorial drag race, Jen. Sounds like something my dad would have enjoyed as well... :

A belated Father's Day candle for my dad. We missed you very much on our first Father's Day without you.
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In memory of my father who died on May 1st, 2007 after a long fight with cancer. I miss him so much.
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This past Saturday 6/23/07 my grandmother died. I miss her terribly but know she has found peace. I'm thankful she was able to meet my daughter Emmaline who I named after her. She was a strong, kind woman and I miss her.
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This is for my should-have-been brother-in-law John. He was such a happy, shining soul, and would give the shirt off his back for anyone. He and my sister were to be married this year. Instead his truck exploded in an incredibly freak accident which still has no clear explanation. My little sister has finally reached a point where she can function in her day-to-day life.

John, thank you for gracing us with your presence. We are all better people because we knew you. Zoe misses her uncle, and I know you would have gotten a kick out of Avery. Melissa is so strong now, I hate that it took your death to make her stand on her own. I know you're taking care of her, wherever you are. I wish you were here, and when I think about what happened, I still can't believe it is real. Love you, man.

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Today is the 4 yr "anniversary" of you being gone dad... and it hurts more and more... esp now that mom is gone too (7-6-07). I wish you were here to see the "new" kids and Lexi misses you terribly. I know you were here when Liz was born - but 7 weeks wasn't enough time and i know you'd love her to pieces... and Andrew is just a riot and think of the r/c car racing... wait - better still how about some trains. We got just the kids a wooden train set and goodness knows i know you would spend hours playing with it with them... or help build the swing set (we're now waiting a year on to build) or even just to talk over some coffee...

I miss and love you dad
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To my friend Emily from high school who would have turned 30 this week. This week also marks the eleventh anniversary of the day she died. Emily, I wish you were still here!

I keep remembering a conversation we had back in high school in which she accused me of looking down at her for "just" wanting to be a SAHM. "Because," she said, "that's really what I want to do. What's wrong with that?"

Now I'm aching thinking, was it really too much to ask, for her to grow up and get married and have a nice life taking care of kids?

Because it never happened. I'm very sad that she never got to experience the joy that I'm experiencing right now.
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remembering us today and our life together.

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: MY DAD :
One year ago today....
We love you and miss you.
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Lighting a candle for my dear Mother who died three years ago at this exact time.

Miss you,

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In Loving Memory

For the most wonderful father, husband, and police officer most have ever known. (http://www.ourmidland.com/site/news.cfm?newsid=18894676&dept_id=472542&brd=2289&p ag=461)

May you rest in peace Chad. We promise to take care of Sarah and the kids always.

I've updated the link in my signature to his obituary.

It still feels like a bad dream. I just can't grasp that he is gone. I'm waiting to wake up. I've wept from the very core of my soul for three days. I can't begin to image how much pain his wife is in. :

We stopped by last night and dropped off two cards, one for her and one for the kids, and gave her a soft fuzzy brown teddy bear with a note saying he was for hugging, punching, cuddling, and crying and screaming into. The very first thing she said when she saw us was, "How are you guys? We've been praying for you." Even in her deepest darkest pain which was written all over her beautiful face, she was concerned about how we were. She is an amazing woman. :
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In memory of Justin

This post is in memory of my beautiful, bright nephew Justin, who died of DIPG (diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma, a rare type of brain cancer) on June 26, 2007, at the age of 7, after a 17 month fight. He was incredibly brave, sweet, and funny, and he was loved by everyone who met him. Watching him take his final breaths was the most devastating thing I've ever experienced, and we will never, ever forget him. We love you, Justin. Not a single day goes by that I don't think of you.
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Baby Luis

My nephew, Luis, died November 5, 2007, from SIDS. I thought I knew what grief was before this, but I didn't have a clue. He was the most beautiful, sweet, happy little baby boy. He was the first newborn I ever held, the first baby I ever gave my entire heart too. The tragedy of his death, of the absolute shock of it will be something I think I will never recover from. One moment, he was happy, healthy, perfectly fine. My sister put him down for a nap, and when she went in later, he was blue. She tried to perform CPR. His eyes, his lips, his entire body was blue, and he felt like a rag doll in her arms. Milk kept pouring from his mouth as she tried to get him to breathe. She sobbed to me over the phone, I just want him back, I wish I could make him again, I wish he was here with me! She told me how the night before, he was lying in his bassinet, staring at his Winnie the Pooh mobile, and cooing and giggling like it was coolest thing he had never seen. Please say a prayer for my sweet sweet nephew. :
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That is positively heart-wrenching. I'm so very sorry for the loss of your nephew.
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