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Baby Elijah is here!! - Page 2

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hooray and welcome, Elijah! Glad that all is well and hope you are home soon!
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Congratulations!! I am so excited for you.
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: Congratulations, mama! The wait is over! Yeah! Welcome, baby Elijah!
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Yay for you, mama! I'm glad you didn't have to wait too much longer - I know the wait was so hard for you.
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Congrats!! Our boys share the same B-day!!! :
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CONGRATULATIONS MAMA!!! I know that we have all been wanting and waiting for your little one to make his arrival and ...HE'S HERE!!! Elijah!! happy Babymoon to you and your family!!
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::So very excited for you!!! ::Congrats and enjoy newborn snuggles with your little one. I love the name Elijah!
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So glad to hear! Congrats!
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Comgratulations and Welcome to the world Elijah!
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So happy for you!
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So thrilled for you-- big congratulations!!!! Love the name and can't wait to hear your birth story!!
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Congrats! Don't forget pictures to go with the story ^_~ I'm real curious about what all these July babies look like!
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