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Anyone else cooking cooking cooking?

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First of all, i'm totally jealous of all you guys already having your babies!! My edd is July 21st...come on baby!

That being said, i'm doing my "big shopping" today and i'm going to attempt (over the course of a week or so) to prepare 3 weeks worth of dinners, plus some breakfasts, snacks, etc.

Anyone else trying to cook up a storm in order to be able to just relax once your lo arrives?

I'm currently feeling pretty motivated to cook, but only for post partum...not for NOW (LOL!)...just sucks because my back is killing me, and sitting/standing for long periods of time (30 minutes, haha) is hard.
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I'm doing more eating, eating, eating than cooking, cooking, cooking.

I'm actually not doing any make-ahead meals. My husband is a great cook and my church is going to bring over meals every other day for like 2 weeks after the baby! I'm so excited!
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I'm feeling the urge to cook and bake as well- well, at least to have cooked, baked stuff ready and waiting,lol, the act of cooking takes... energy... lol!

I would LOVE to hear what you (and anyone else) are planning to put together-- I used to do tht Once a Month Cooking thing, but alot of that stuff wasn't the healthiest...
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Gosh no!

Normally I love to cook but lately I have not been able to at all! Just too tired after getting home from working 8 hours.

REALLY not sure what we are going to do for meals after the baby comes since DH is a terrible cook. And not vegan, which I am!

Betcha money I will be cooking the day after baby is born and everyday after that!
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You know, I SHOULD be cooking more, but I'm not. I did cook a few things for the freezer last wk. Maybe I will feel more motivated as this wk goes on. My edd isn't until the 25th, but usually my babies come one wk earlier and this time I am extra uncomfortable so wouldn't mind if the baby showed up like NOW! My biggest problem right now is that I have become so flakey, that I'm my own worst enemy. I'm afraid if try to do massive cooking projects, that I'll just ruin the recipes anyway.

I already have caused enough damage today. I'm a LLL leader and thought out LLL mtg was tomorrow, noooo, it's NEXT Tuesday, my co-leader caught it on my email, but I already made reminder phone calls this morning, sent out a reminder email, it took me over an hr to make all the calls, got snacks ready and everything, now I have to call back a list of like 16 ppl to explain that I am pregnant and screwed up in the head right now and that our mtg is actually NEXT wk, ugh. I have never made this mistake before, but I'm kicking myself now for having done all that work, only to have to turn around and UN-do it. What a massive PITA! And what a bunch of wasted energy! I hope you make good progress with your freezer meals!
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Sometime last week I cooked 5 meals of spaghetti sauce for spaghetti, and I have about 5 lbs of shredded beef to mix with bbq sauce and freexe for sandwiches. 10 meals should last a few weeks i think, and I will have my mom bring over some as well.
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I was TRYING to do this but then got sidelined... and I only have one dinner in the freezer. I should work on that... You are reminding me. LOL!
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I was cooking up a storm a few weeks ago, but then I talked to my mom and she has a freezer of meals that she's bringing down to leave with us when she comes! So now, I'm eating the meals that had been planned for post-partum and loving the break.
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I wanted to cook up some stuff last week and this week to freeze but our darn oven broke and the new one isn't coming for 2 weeks. Oh well. I guess it will be take out for us for a while! :
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Man! This is exhausting!!!

DH left for work at 7:15...and i've pretty much been cooking since then. DD is coming back from her dad's house later today for a couple of days, and I'm planning on asking xh if he'll drop off some of the freezer food at my moms house (She lives an hour away, but is going to bring us our food once a week, because we have NO freezer space) so I'm trying to get a few meals out of the way - at least!

I've never done freezer cooking before, so honestly, i'm just kinda winging it and hoping for the best.

So far i've made:

Banana muffins (not pre-cooked, just froze batter in muffin cups)
veggies for fajitas (pre-cut bell pepper, carrots, celery, onions)
vegan sausages (16 hot dog sized ones)
pinto beans for chili (we use a box mix, so i just needed to cook the beans!)
seitan chunks (vegan "chicken" like stuff) for pot pie & jambalaya

Tomorrow I'm going to make some pumpkin ziti, pumpkin muffins, chickpea cutlets, and i'll probably assemble the pot pie and jambalaya if i don't get around it today.

I'm actually not as motivated as i though i would be...well, mentally, i am, I GUESS. But physically i'm totally pooped.

PS. I'm considering making chocolate chip cookie dough for postpartum cookies...but i'm doing my best to resist that temptation...i want my pre-baby bod back...and somehow, i don't think eating a ton of cookies will help lol
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That was my plan for today until my water broke last night! Though I did just cook up 3lbs of ground beef to freeze for easy meals later.
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