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Thinking of you Avani! I hope you don't go into labor in court (but do shortly thereafter)!!
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: to you Avani
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Avani! Hoping all goes well in court and that even if your water does break it gets you some sympathy points from that awful judge!

I had another afternoon/evening of intense BHs, cramps, and jabs to the cervix. But they all petered out at night and I slept well; now I'm not feeling anything. I don't have the "fall out of you" feeling either, but sometimes it feels like the LO will headbutt its way out (weird).

For the first time in this whole trip I am starting to feel mentally ready! It makes me feel like labor is closer than not, but I am only just about 38w so we'll see! Still can't reach my cervix, but getting very curious- wouldn't let the OB check me yesterday.
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Had a night of off and on intense (wake you up kind) contractions, which made me have to get up and pee 800x but nothing further developed. phooey. So super glad my 3yo dd decided to nap with me today!!! (and is still sleeping! woo!)

Hope things go well in court Avani...
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Hoping for the best for you today Avani..

Labor Vibes to all who want them

: : :
: : :
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Originally Posted by Avani View Post
I'm just now getting ready to head out the door and just had considerable bloody show. This should be fun! Maybe my water will break during the court hearing
: May the hearing go in your favour and may the relief put you into labor!
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Thinking happy thoughts for you, Avani!

I'm hoping the labor vibes land on ME! Even though it's inconvienient for child care for my ds (a little more scrambling, mom is now out of town, but he have it covered), it's more convienient for US (dh and I) if we go on a weekend, like, say, a Friday night? He has to use less vacation while we're in the hospital then, and more to use when we're at home. And my dr is OOT next weekend, so this weekend just works better! (right, like this lo is thinking about that).

I feel mentally ready too. Much more so than I did w/ my first. I am SO much more calm this time around about the whole process, even though it's w/a different dr, in a diff hospital. I also feel like I am much more confident in what I want for myself and my baby, that I'll be able to voice any concerns I have.

Took ds for a hike at the nature center this morning. Up a nice, big hill. NOTHING. Not even a BH! She is just chillin' in there!

On a totally different note...I am SO excited...we bought a mini-van last night! I NEVER thought I'd be one of those people who drove a mini-van, but after ds was born 2 years ago we started looking, we've been drooling over them ever since. We have come so close a few times to actually making the purchase, but have always deicded to just wait...until last night! We came across a very good deal, and we just couldn't pass it up. I still can't believe it's MINE! :
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I am hoping some of those labor vibes hit me too! I cramped quite a bit last night and then this morning but now nothing. Earlier I felt different and really thought I was going to progress...its going to happen sometime, right?

learnlovebe, congrats on the minivan. We bought one last year and I really love it. I never thought I would get one but life changes you! It will fit our 3 kiddos very nicely!
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I was playing UNO with the kids and suddenly felt intense pain on the right side of my stomach. That was about 20 minutes ago. I'm laying down and it still hurts but not as much. Never felt this before in any pregnancy.
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How did it go Avani?

Well I checked my cervix last night and am 2-3cm dilated! I knew I was feeling a bit off the last couple of days. I know I could walk around like this for weeks, but its good to know that at least things are starting!

Any exciting weekend plans for anyone?
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Originally Posted by tracymom1 View Post

Any exciting weekend plans for anyone?
Well, it will be early Monday morning, but I am sooo excited that my sister will be arriving from the US to stay for 3 weeks!! We have not seen each other in 7 years though we are very close. She is coming with her hubby and
kids (ages 1, 4 and 6) so the house will be one huge party!!
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That is exciting about your sister visiting! I hope you get to enjoy every minute of it!

Court was stupid for lack of a better word. I woke up with the bloody show and contractions but wanted to get the court date done and over with. I went there and had some strong contractions and my ex's lawyer was there via phone and said she wanted a continuance until September! All that energy, getting a babysitter, the commute and his lawyer asks for another continuance. This is getting ridiculous. I stressed over this court date for so long and probably held back on the babies birth because of it. She told the judge that custody orders were being modified and she doesn't want the kids protected under a restraining order because it is ridiculous. I have dozens of witnesses to his violent outbursts in front of our kids and his lawyer is saying they need no protection. Ok, i needed to get that out! So until September...

I had strong contractions all day yesterday. My neighbor watched the kids so i could catch up on some rest and relaxation and the contractions got stronger but then went away at night time. I feel discouraged by this because i am so ready to hold her and i am getting too close to the 42 week mark. My midwife will let me go to 43 weeks but I don't want to go that long. I start worrying about the baby too much. Plus i am just so ready!

This morning i am still crampy and have had lots of mucous coming out. I really want to meet this one this weekend, otherwise i have to go in for testing on Monday.

My only exciting plans are to hit the Farmer's Market today, at least if i can stand hearing everyone say how can i be so overdue and why haven't i had her yet! I will be attempting to have a baby too! Can't get much more exciting than that!
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I cannot believe the UA violation they are putting you through!
September??? :

I would not be surprised is your body has been holding back for this court date, and now things will really get moving!
I keep checking for an update from you. This weekend, baby! Come on!

As to having to deal with people asking questions when you go out super pregnant, I have been getting a huge kick when peole ask "you must be due any day now, right? and then answering "it was a week ago" The look in their faces
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Avani - *hugs* Hopefully now things your labor can just take off so you can hold your sweet wee one!

Having been so crazy busy the past couple weeks, I've missed reading how everyone is doing. It's so nice seeing all the new babies and moms gearing up

I wish I could say I was as close as each day I am getting more and more impatient (although since I'm not due until July 30, I don't feel I've earned the impatience yet). I have been checking my cervix frequently throughout pregnancy to see how it changes and was super bummed when after the baby went from breech to head down a few days ago that it is so posterior now. It was feeling so ripe, anterior, and juicy that I allowed myself to entertain the idea that baby would come before my due date (other two went at least two weeks over . I just keep hoping that it moving back is just because baby is super posterior as well. And if labor waits for baby to move anterior, I won't mind as having back labor would suck.
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Originally Posted by Quindin View Post

I would not be surprised is your body has been holding back for this court date, and now things will really get moving!
I keep checking for an update from you. This weekend, baby! Come on!
Although a continuance until September sucks, at least your mind and body can get down to the business of having this baby. It's your time! I can feel it!
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Avani, that really stinks that you were all geared up to get this all over with and then the other lawyer asks for an extension. UGH! I hope you go into labor soon, you sound miserable with everything that has been going on.
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I'm hoping the labor vibes fell on Avani and Quindin!

They have not, indeed, landed on me.
For one brief moment, I thought my water had broke...
then I figured out that I had just peed myself. In a nutshell, we were walking at the mall, I had drank too much water w/ dinner, had a couple BH contrax while walking...not a good equation.

Hope you all are having a good weekend!
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No signs of anything starting here yet, but in my world that's a good thing. I'm still feeling pretty comfortable. I get some mild heartburn off and on, and my pubic bones are sore, but only when I am trying to maneuver my preggo self oddly or when I walk a lot. I ran a ton of errands today, grocery shopping and picking up birth supplies. I still need to get some Recharge, and an RV hose for filling the birth tub. Does anyone know where I could pick one up? My midwife suggested Walmart, but I haven't made it there yet.

Otherwise I'm continuing to work part time, and spend my time at home cleaning and making things for the baby and me. I'm in the middle of knitting a pair of longies and sewing a robe to wear if I want some coverage during labor.

It's so exciting to read all the birth stories and see everyone getting so close! Avani and Quindin I can't wait to hear about yours!

This homebirth slideshow came up on my feed reader the other day, it's gorgeous! Watch out though, you just might turn into a hormonal bawling mess watching it :
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Originally Posted by Angelorum View Post
This homebirth slideshow came up on my feed reader the other day, it's gorgeous! Watch out though, you just might turn into a hormonal bawling mess watching it :
You're right, it did turn me into a weepy mess! That was beautiful.
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: I just watched it too! It is so beautiful and I am a bawling mess!
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