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What's everyone doing for birth control after the baby?

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This is a very personal question i know. I'm just now thinking about what I will do for birth control after my little guy gets here. Personally, I know I would not want another child for at least a couple years. As appealing as natural family planning is to me, I don't think I can swing it. I'm thinking of going with an IUD.
What are you guys gonna do?
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Even though the thought of another pregnancy is repulsive to me right now, I was thinking of leaving it up to nature. I'm not getting any younger, and this babe took over a year of "living dangerously."
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Well, we did FAM for 4 years. Toward the end we were careless, hence this pregnancy. I actually had an appointment to have a mirena IUD placed the week I got a bfp! Because I had already planned on getting an IUD and have done the research, I'm going to go ahead and get one at the 6 week PP visit. I want something long term that won't interfere with bfing and that I don't have to think about. DH and I had originally planned on only having one child but we aren't ready to do anything permanent - especially because I think I'm changing my mind and might want another I just don't want to be surprised, and the IUD has a better effectiveness rating than just about everything else.
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As this will be our last, DH went in for the big V in March. He still has yet to have his count checked though, so who knows? But I'm not taking anything anymore after this baby is here. I've gotten preggo on 2 types of pills, and the shot, and had bad side effects from the shot in the past, so here's to hoping that the V actually worked!
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I'm a NFP gal all the way. I love that I don't have to worry about side effects. It's as effective as you want it to be, and I even think it's great for our marriage.

It's a little tricky in the post partum period, but I trust that if I just keep a close eye on my mucous patterns, we should be alright while bf'ing.

And if we "accidently" get preg again...well - I don't believe in "accidents"! So it will be ok.
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Currently pregnant w/ my IUD baby (2 yrs w/ IUD this baby was a true 'surprise'). SO got the snip 3 months ago and goes to get tested to make sure he is shooting blanks shortly.
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We will use NFP to prevent for several months, if my cycle returns quickly again, like last time so my body can rest for a bit. I need to lose the rest of the weight I planned on losing when I became pregnant w/ this baby. Otherwise we are open to life and will pray each month if we are led to prevent that month.
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Im going with an IUD as well!
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We also use NFP and love it! I also agree with Michigan Mama and Mamatoabunch! No side effects, it has brought us closer to each other as well as God, and believe that their are no accidents.
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NFP and pull out method here- HOWEVER, Dh is getting his V after this baby is born. So during that year of waiting for it to kick in we will go with more NFP.
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I doubt we'll do anything to prevent another pregnancy. I don't ovulate easily and both of my girls are clomid babies. If my cycles return when the baby is still exclusively BF, we'll likely do a very lax version of FAM, but that's about all I expect us to consider right now.

Of course, once we meet our little one, maybe I'll change my mind. If we're having too much trouble meeting the physical, emotional, and medical needs of everyone in the family, we might feel like we need to prevent more actively for awhile. However, I'm not sure what if any medical birth control I'd feel comfortable using. I can't imagine we'd consider a vasectomy or anything permanent any time soon. We're really expecting/planning to have more. As a mom who rarely ovulates, serious carefully followed FAM really tends to stress me out.... So, we'll cross that bridge if necessary, but hopefully not at all.
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Although I think this is our last baby, somehow I'm resisting the idea of DH getting the "big V". He's willing - there's just something about its permanence that I'm not ready for yet. That said, I don't want to do the pill again and condoms didn't work for us as they became a source of argument which sucked - particularly in the uh "moment" .

So, I think I'm going with the Mirena IUD...
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We are doing natural family planning although DH wants to just do it and if preg happens it happens I'm not so keen on another child spaced 19 months apart since that what our last 2 were soooo NFP
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anyone considering the mini-pill? The thought of an IUD kind of scares me (and my younger sister had terrible side effects from Mirena: bleeding and acne forever). We did NFP (cycle beads) and did mostly pretty well -- still, I wouldn't chance it until my cycle was back to something really predictable. I've had 3 surprise pregnancies, including this one (probably because my cycle wasn't spot on after a previous mc). We make babies VERY easily and are not religious people; we've had enough surprises to last a lifetime.
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We haven't decided yet. With my first two, my period didn't return until 11 and 19 months, respectively (I was tandem nursing the second time, which I think contributed to the much longer amenorrhea). I'll be tandeming again this time around, so I feel like we have a little time to decide.
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DH got a vasectomy 2 months ago. The sperm count check will be right around this babies due date.

During my last pregnancy (especially after the early losses that I experienced between DD1 and DD2) I would never have considered taking such a permanent measure before the baby got here. But, I once again have been very very ill during this pregnancy though, and honestly I do not think that I could make it through another pregnancy without severe ill effects to my physical and mental health. I am still so sick I wish that pregnancy was just a little easier on me.

So we decided that this is it, and I actually feel very at peace with the decision. Never thought I would feel done, but I really do now.
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We were using a combo of NFP and condoms prior to getting preggo with this one and will go back to using them after the babe is born. Fortunately, I have pretty regular cycles so that works well for us. I've never been on the Pill because it hasn't ever sat well with the women in my family. My mom got preggo with my older sister while on the pill and my sister got preggo with her two oldest whilst on the Pill. Not very encouraging! Older sis finally wound up getting her tubes tied when she had her c-section with her son. Also, I just don't like the idea of screwing with my body chemistry.

DH really wants to get snipped, especially after the bout I had with Hyperemesis earlier in the pregnancy. He doesn't want to see me sick again. I begged him to wait because I want to have another baby (we're capping at 2) and am willing to suffer through HG one more time. We don't have to make that decision now. It doesn't help that our insurance will cover snipping and he knows we won't have to pay much for it!
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I really dislike birth control-the hormones mess with me too much. We'll use pull out. It has ALWAYS worked for us. And dh likes to have a lot of sex...so, I am hoping that in two years we can get preggo as easily as the first two times.
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We'll also use NFP if my cycle comes back before 12 months pp. We used this method for the year before we got pregnant with no issues, then we concieved the first month that we tried. My period started at 12 months pp with ds, so I expect we'll just "let things happen" after that.
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This is our first so I have no clue how long it will take to get PPAF. We had to go the IVF route to conceive this little one, so I am not too overly concerned with birth control. I only have one tube and it is blocked, so I am going to see if they will test it after the fact (because I know they say that pregnancy can change things) to make sure it is still blocked just so I know and am not driving myself batty thinking every little symptom is pregnancy.
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