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My water broke!!!!

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In the grocery store. Fortunately started as a trickle so I grabbed my nearly 2yo and bolted. Got him in the car, pulled a chux pad out of my emergency birth kit to sit on, and headed home. Dh and ds1 were on their way to the Mariner's game, so I called him and they headed right back home. Just wating for some real contractions to start and getting things set up! I'll update when the baby is born (or a few hours after).
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Sending you easy labor vibes!
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Sending happy/easy/peaceful labor wishes!!
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Sending lots of easy labor vibes your way.
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Man, we are dropping like flies!! I'm so excited for you and sending tons of easy labor vibes!!!

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Sending you lots of birthing vibes, mama!
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How exciting! I can't wait to hear about your fabulous birth!
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Good Luck mama!!!! Sending you blissful :
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Good Luck!!! :
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Thanks for reminding me that I'm not crazy for carrying pads with me whenever I go out!
Keep us updated... some of us are living vicariously through you right now!
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: You go girl!!
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3 contractions so far, WAY apart. So nothing much yet. Been snacking and trying to sleep and rest and just waiting!
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Yay, mama! :
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Yay another one! : Good luck mama!
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How dramatic! I've never heard of someone who had their water break in public IRL.

Sending you good labor vibes!
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reminds me of how when I was pregnant 12 years ago the childbirth classes I took, she said 'always get a jar of pickles when you go shopping at the end... then if your water breaks, you can drop the jar and it will look like it is all pickle juice' LOL!
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How exciting and what a great story!

I just put a few thick towels in my car yesterday in case my water breaks while I am out and about.
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Still waiting for normal contractions to start (fortunately I got to sleep last night at least). Any advice or words of encouragement are appreciated. With ds1 I never went into labor on my own (but I was at the hospital) so that's always a worry...
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You can do it. Clean your house really well and get sleep. My water was broken for 42 hours before I went into labor.
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: Have faith in yourself mama, your body knows how and when to go into labor- just think positively and you'll be holding your babe before you know it!
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