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Paraguard reviews?

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I'm not sure if this is the right place, but anyone have any info on paraguard? Pluses/minuses? Other suggestions for semi-permanent hormone free birth control?


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I don't have any info other then my personal experience. I have one, and have since Dec 2008. I like that its easy, with nothing to remember or to do besides check the strings. I don't like that I have cramps my entire cycle that vary in severity from mildly uncomfortable to one time sending me to PatientFirst (I gave birth on pit w/o pain meds). Generally it's fine, I don't experience the heavy bleeding I read about on line. I decided to give it a year before ruling it out because for my family it's about our last shot save abstinence for many reasons, which sounds like no fun to me. hth.
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Had one in for 5 years before TTC and had no issues except a slightly heavier period. Worth it for my libido and to not have to think about BC at all! Got it out, was pregnant three months later. A doctor friend of mine got hers out and was pregnant that month!

You should just check the strings once in a while, usually after your period, to make sure it didn't get moved or expulsed during your menstrual cycle.
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That's awesome. I to was on the pit without meds. Ha ha, the most and worst pain I could ever imagine. I just got the paragurd in this afternoon and i'm still nursing so my period is delayed to begin with. The ob said that I may not even get a period so as long as I am still nursing. I figured this would be the best time to try it out.

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