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I have seen the Elite in person ages ago and I loved it. I could fit my then 4yo in it - that's what I loved. I know I would get a lot of use out of it. He is a MOOSE. (TALL - thin but tall.)

I have seen the Baby Jogger City Series mini ... I liked how small it folds (compared to my Ingelsina Domino which I love and hate) BUT I feel like it's awfully small - my kinda fat 15 month old just fills it.

(One of my twins is smaller - I didn't put her in it)

I have seen the BOB double. The dualie. I guess it was OK but really in my mind the biggest selling point was I know people want them so it will resell well.

Really I think I loved the Baby Jogger City Series Elite the best. But I don't know a store that sells it and the BOB.

And when I looked at the Elite, it was over a year ago and my then 4yo is now a 5yo - and as bog as a 7yo. *sigh*

SO it's hard to compare, even having seen them all.

(I'm sorry - if this makes no sense, I have been using my older son as a test subject to see how much long term use I will get out of a stroller)

So - has anyone compared a BOB dualie and a BJ CS elite side by side??? What do you think, size wise?? I feel like "holds its resale value" is a dumb reason to go for the BOB when the BJ is so much nicer otherwise.

And yes I am snickering at "BJ."

Maybe that's just me.