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Call me Nesty McNesterton!

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holycow- I am NOT a cleaning fan AT ALL and Im like a reverse Taz today- a whirlwind of clean!!!

This sooo didnt happen with #1!!
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I see things I want to do but just don't have the energy to do. Have fun getting your house ship shape!!
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I so feel the exact opposite .. I am content to sit and knit and watch the children play. I wish I had a little motivation!
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Yeah, I've had this for weeks.
I scrubbed the kitchen yesterday, vacuumed after dinner. I've been washing windows and baseboards and vacuuming and....I get super hyper about it too.
I am NOT like this normally and in fact can be pretty lazy about cleaning. Dh normally gets pushed to the limit and does a bunch.
I've also been buying cleaning products and if there is a commercial for some cleaning thing on tv I get all enthralled, even though I don't even use most chemical cleaners.
It's absolutely ridiculous and weird. And no I had nothing like this with either of my previous pregnancies.
Hey, at least my house is clean
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Yeah, my house has never been this clean, nor my freezer so full! Last night at 1 am before going to bed I just had to vaccuum the living room rug.
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I have been going at it so much more now that I'm done with work- I love it! I wish I could keep it forever!
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Hey Nesty, you live anywhere nearby?

I SOOO want to nest! I want to clean and cook, etc. but nothing yet. I even finished work last week but I am content to rad, exercise, sleep, and eat. Even my crafting projects are getting done at a snail's pace.

Any day now nesting will kick in, right?
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Good for you! I get very intense, short-lived bursts of inspiration to nest, but if I don't get right up and do what I am inspired to do right. that. second. it passes! The other day I did our whole bathroom... every drawer, cupboard, the linens, etc. as well as scrubbing the floor and baseboards with a toothbrush, disinfecting everything and putting pretty candles and photos on the countertops since I think I will labor a bit in my tub. While I was doing it, I thought "this is great, I should do this in EVERY room..." and then I was done and so wiped out. Maybe tomorrow....
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LOL- yea, that is kinda how it happened here too- I busted my behind cleaning the major stuff- bathrooms are shiny, kitchen is scrubbed down...most of the flors are vacuumed.... lol most... the vac is sitting in the middle of the bedroom (cord cant reach to do all of upstairs so I stopped where the cord ran out hahahah)

Its coming in waves, but Im happy with whatever I can get done- lol!!
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I think I've cleaned nearly every surface in my house over the last four weeks, and that is SO not like me. But I feel compelled to clean. The feeling is a combination of hormones driving me forward and the fear of visitors coming to our house and seeing how we really live! Normally I hate cleaning more than anything because it's such a waste of time. As soon as I clean, the house is trashed within a couple of hours. And yes, that's happening again, but the nesting instinct is keeping me sane for the meantime.

Even so, I clean for a while and it TOTALLY wipes me out for a few hours. That's the part I don't like.

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