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Oh man...I'm sorry you are having a rough time! You must have some pretty extensive tearing. My goodness.

Get some videos, buy some tv dinners and spaghettios, and excuse yourself from 'super mom' duties until you have healed. Sometimes 'survival mode' is the best that we can do, and a week of it won't hurt either of your kids.

Another option is to call a couple local to you churches and tell them your situation. There are tons of little old lady-types that love to play with kids and bring over meals for people who are in need...and honey...you are definitely in need.
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OP- how are you holding up?
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Hi Guys!

Thanks for ALL of your help.

My husband called one of our church leaders while he was gone and told her to check in on me last night. She called me and I told her it was tough and she got on the phone and got a TON of people to help. I've spent almost the entire day in bed. My room is totally safe for the 2 year old to be in, so I just put a lock on the inside of the door and turned on Sesame Street this morning while I slept. Then someone came over to entertain her and keep me company, but I was still too shy to ask her to help with laundry and stuff.

I've got a dinner train going though now, so people are bringing over meals they made for me to eat or freeze, and that is totally helping a lot.

DH may be home sooner than he thought, but still no real return time, so I'm just surviving. DD seems to be adjusting to life in the house. If I can make it another week, that would be great.

I thought I would just spend the entire time admiring the baby and floating on a cloud, and it seems that I underthought it!!!!

Thanks for all the advice. I even found someone to hire for the times I feel like I don't have enough help. I HATE that possibility, but it will have to work.
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Glad to hear things are looking up for you mama.
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I'm so glad you got some help!! Now rest and enjoy your babies!
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