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This is a work-in-progress resource sub-forum, with suggestions offered by MDC members and is no way considered exhaustive or all-inclusive. This list does not represent an endorsement or recommendation of any provider or homebirth resource by MDC/Mothering, and we are not responsible for the accuracy of this information. We suggest that you contact your individual care provider or individual resource prior to seeking treatment or use of product(s), to ask questions specific to your homebirth.

If you have resources you would like to recommend for this list, please contact a Homebirth Moderator or an Administrator for their inclusion. Thank you.

What You Wish You Had Known Beforehand

Birth Pool Resources

Sample Appeal Letters for Homebirth Coverage

Not so basic homebirth supplies

interviewing homebirth midwife

Homebirth DVDs

Homebirth Safety Resources

Where/how do I find a midwife

Homebirth In the Media

TriCare does cover homebirth

Interviewing a midwife