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My morning sickness is disappearing - 9 weeks

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Should I be worried? Last time it lasted until 12 weeks, but I've noticed it getting better the past few days, and today, except for the occasional wooziness, nothing. I even managed to get hungry without immediately having to grit my teeth and hold on.

Is m/s going away around this time normal? I can't help but worry that it's too early, and that it means things aren't developing...
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I am a first timer so I don't know how common it is but my m/s started letting up week 8 and then week 9 felt really good. I am in week 10 and it has come back somewhat. I still gag but no more puking which is nice. And I can eat more than just a few things!
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I don't think you should worry. lots of factors involved. You could be eating better, or eating better to manage your morning sickness. Every baby is different too. Some people say that boys give you more morning sickness than girls. Your body might have needed something more the first time around, maybe you weighed less then.

Enjoy not being sick and don't stress about it!
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I am at 8.5 weeks and am very rarely queasy anymore. I don't think we could say that morning sickness is a sign of a healthy pregnancy!

Maybe you have found a diet that your pregs body likes, or the hormones are bored of torturing you this way and are moving on to the next stage (I have a new stage every week, personally)...

And of course some women never have morning sickness at all. All normal variations. And all pregnancies are different, often even for the same woman. Same with births!
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Mine has been much more manageable this week, too. (I'm also 9 weeks.) I read that many women have cycles of nausea, so that they are nauseous for a while and then not, and then nauseous again later. I'm sort of hoping this is the end of it for me!
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Mine is letting up some and I was 10 weeks on Tuesday. It is more of a background nausea than a knock me down lay in the bed all day kind. I have often read that week 8 is often the peak of morning sickness.

I thought it was GIRLS make you more sick than BOYS. Not that I believe it anyway, but that is what I always heard. It was true for me, but I have known many who were the opposite.
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The m/s with this one at its peak was worse than with DD. For what that's worth LOL.

Thanks everyone for your stories. I feel a bit better knowing that this is a common thing. I tried not eating before I got up this morning, and I did feel a bit sicker, so perhaps it is just that I'm adjusting to the nausea and am learning to handle it. Let's hope it doesn't decide to come back; I can't say I miss it!
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I was just reading up on this a bit more and found that lots of women have their worst m/s in weeks 7/8. I also found lots of anecdotes of people not having much m/s after 9 weeks. I'm feeling hopeful!
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Mine's ramping up at 10 weeks. I was hardly at 9 weeks. With my first 2 kids it lasted until 7 months!!!
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Mine has lessened/disappeared at a different point in each pregnancy, and they have all been boys, go figure. It does seem to me that my overall stress level may make a difference. My ms symptoms were signifigantly less last week (a blessing since I had a little one in the hospital, and had to deal with the funky cafeteria smells) which was week 9+ for me, but this week it is back in full force
Try not to worry, and enjoy your breather for however long it lasts
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