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I just got my first qd aio from Becky, and I LOVE it!! The quality of her work is outstanding! Her customer service is just amazing. After I placed my order online, Becky emailed me and asked my babe's weight and size. I had ordered a medium but she thought a small might fit better - and she was right. I've never had anyone contact me prior to making a dipe to get my baby's size. She communicated with me the whole way through, letting me know my dipe was on it's way and everything. I would definitely recommend her to anyone and will be placing more orders with her as well.
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Becky does great work. Her customer service is wonderful. She went out of her way to accomidate my ever changing mind and was always happy to do it. She made us some nb and small simple pul covers that were wonderful. They fit our newborn perfectly and we never had a leak or blowout. We also used her fitteds and they too were great. She does wonderful work and really knows what she's doing and is very helpful when you're trying to decide on the numerous options available.
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Beautiful work and a wahm who is VERY sweet and professional!! Becky has wonderful products!! Her Hemp doublers are nice and thirsty!! Highly recommended!!
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I have never really been very interested in aio's until I tried the ultratrim aio's. They are amazing! I've never seen anything so trim. Quick drying (Becky has a really cool openning to allow some airflow into the (thick) soaker), absorbant, no bulk, .....

If you can get a hold of one, you are a lucky mama
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These are great! SO trim! The only thing some might mind is because of their trimness they need to be changed a bit more often than other dipes. I dont mind that but some might so I thought I would mention it. Now as for the construction, it is perfect. They leave no red marks anywhere and they are just beautiful dipes to boot. The fit is outstanding, and now I dont have any problems fitting DS's clothes over his diaper butt. I got the PUL with suedecloth inner and they are so soft the DS actually stays still for me to put them on him. Beccky is very sweet and i highly recommend working with her.
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I forgot to post the product I got! LOL. They were the Ultra Trim AIOs.
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Awesome Ultra trim aio's and pocket. Very well made.
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Becky's Ultra Trim AIOs are SUPER trim and fit great. I'm not an AIO fan, but if I could afford to switch my entire stash to these I would. They fit like underwear and are absorbant as well. Plus she has some really cute prints and quick shipping!
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I love my becca bottoms pockets.
They are super trim and very cute. The fit is super trim. No problems with leaks, in fact these are our out and about diapers because they are very trustworthy. Customer service is an A+ not a single problem there. We love our Becca bottoms and will be attempting to get more.
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I have expanded my BeccaBottoms stash to include fitteds, ultratrim fitteds, windpro cover, hemp fitted, ultratrim aios and pul covers Can you tell I love these? They fit my little one like they were made for her - Becky does amazing work and is SO super nice to work with!
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Okay, I had previously tried some of Becky's stuff before, but oh my!! I just got a HUGE stash from her, and I am drooling here!! Trim, well-made, and nicely priced!! I am so happy with my custom order, and have in fact asked to be placed back on the waiting list!!
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I was looking for applix jersey wool covers, and Becca made me one, custom! (She usually just does snaps). The wool is fabulously soft and stretchy, and the sewing is flawless. An excellent product, and I'll be back for more!
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I have 5 Beccabottoms QD AIO's and my only problem with them is deciding which one to put on Chloe!!! Seriously, Becky is an awesome WAHMama - customer service is A plus as is the quality (and cuteness, and trimness) of her diapers. She answered all my questions and then some very quickly (and patiently - as I kept thinking of more!).
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How do I love Beccabottoms? Let me count the ways!

1. The nicest WAHMama there is, hands down.
2. The Ultra Trim products really ARE ultra trim!
3. Customer service is above and beyond. Especially those of us who change our orders and tricky stuff like that.
4. The quality of the workmomship is outstanding.
5. Shipping is lightning fast.

And there's so much more! So far I have a QD UT AIO, a UT pocket I got in a trade, and a brand spankin' new SSS (WIO). I am so totally in . The QD AIO is the one we reach for when going out and we need to show off some cloth booty. It is so cute and so well made, and works like a dream. The WIO we got today is so gorgeous. It's a rich autumn brown color that she serged in earth tones - it's so beautiful. And I have a whole gaggle of stuff on custom order that I just can't wait to pet. :LOL

I can't stress enough how well-made Beccabottoms products are. These will easily last through several babies. The time and effort Becky puts into making these diapers is just amazing. How she does it all, making all these great dipes, and is still SO nice, and on top of everything, I will never know. :LOL

for Beccabottoms! Can you tell I love these diapers?
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I love Becky's products and she is so super sweet to work with! I have one of her new one-size fitteds and it is absolutely one of my favorites, I can't wait to get more. They are trim, absorbant and so stretchy! They fit my 7 month old and my 21 month old perfectly. I love the duel soakers and when the soakers are snapped together this is the perfect night time diaper. :
And Becky was so nice to send me a wool cover as a gift because she knows how much I've wanted to try one. I love this wool cover, it is an excellent addition to our wool stash and I want to get a couple more in some other colors. And they work really well over her dipes.

I just can't say enough good things about Becky and Beccabottoms. I can't wait for her to open up for custom orders again, I am going to be first in line!
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I just got 2 windpro UT AIO's and 2 UT WIO and 14 total snap-ins from Becky. I have washed and used everything for two days now and I am very impressed.

There isn't a stitch out of place and the fit is amazing. These diapers will fit for a long time to come. Kylie has room to grow in these, and they aren't bulky at all now.

I changed my mind about 3 times while working with Becky and she was very accomodating and wanted me to have exactly what I wanted. I left some choices up to her since I couldn't see the fabrics. She made great choices and I am SO happy with my order.

The wait time was a bit hard since I don't like to wait, lol (although she did not go over her advertised wait time). I know that Becky is getting better at gauging how long it takes to fill orders and I will definately be placing more orders in the future.

10 stars for Becky
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I have a fitted from Beccabottoms that I really like. It is a medium and has fit my ds since he was about 11 lbs and still fits him at 17 lbs on the second smallest setting. The only problem we have is that when DS poops, it kind of canals it up into his front, but that's no problem, we just make sure he's not gonna poop when we put it on him.

Becky is really lovely to work with too and she is very accomodating to every individual need.
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Beccabottoms Fleece-topped Hemp Soakers

Ohhhhh.....these are lovely!! I wish I had tons more!! Becky pays so much attention to detail, and the micro on these is so soft and never pills. The hemp absorbs and absorbs and absorbs!! I love to lay these in our fave covers for a trim and dry diaper. Becky has tons of great stuff, but these are our current favorites!! A++ purchase
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My beccabottoms are my absolute favorite diapers. I have 3 UT AIOs. 2 have micro inner & one has velour. They are all great. VERY trim, really is trimmer than a 'sposie. They do not leak either. I love the way her inserts have 1/2 the layers only sewn at one end so they dry super fast and I can fold the bottom part up to double the absorbance up front where we need it for me ds. I also have a BB Microsnuggler pocket diaper that is wonderful. No leaks here. I stuff it w/ an infant cpf folded in thirds and it works great! I can't wait to get more!

Mom to 2 1/2 and 4 mo old boys.
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I purchased my first BB dipe from HC a few weeks ago. The payment was received alright - I know this because Marc sent me an email telling me so and said he'd be shipping the diaper out quickly.

A few days later I got a USPS email with a tracking number.

So far, the tracking number only says that BB has arranged for pickup. My package hasn't actually been dropped off yet.

This was my first purchase from Beccas but not from Hyena Cart. All my other HC transactions have been wonderful.

Anything going on at BeccasBottoms? I haven't had a response to my most recent email in two days now.

I was looking forward to this dipe.
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