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Originally Posted by melanienader View Post
...but I have to get past the awful part of not getting to hold them for over an hour....that was absolutely torturous! I barely even got to see them as they delivered them. All I saw was baby B, Abigail, being laid down on the warming table and her mouth forced open and something going down her throat...then it seemed like the room was empty so fast and I was left like a peice of meat forever it seemed to be sewn up...

No mother should be treated like that. I'm sorry they weren't more humane with you and your babies during the birth.
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Originally Posted by 1stTimeMummytoLore View Post

i think that the concerns are just that should a mom of pregnant with mo-di twins read this thread, to be sure she reads that there is no current documentation/research to support the idea expressed by some OBs that there is a significant risk of palcental abruption between the birth of Baby A and Baby B.
That's me! Thank you.
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Baby A and B are just labels used to keep track of the babies in utereo and then during birth. I think they try to wait to label them until they're big enough that their position is established so that baby A is most likely to be born first, but I do know of a few situations where that turned out not to be the case.

In a hospital setting it can be very important, especially if there are anticipated problems, each baby or the baby anticipated to have the most problems might have their own team on standby.

It's also helpful for keeping medical records straight, and for any placenta pathology reports (standard with suspicion of TTTS, so that they can map where the A to B connections are). I don't think you automatically have to have the thorough placenta check done even if you give birth at a hospital, but we requested that it be done and the research form from the TTTS foundation be used and the report sent to them as well, for their ongoing research project.
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I didn't get the read all of the replies, but did read your story.

I found out we were pregnant with our fourth and called up my midwives. They were free, two weeks later they inform me that they have to close their practice due to the econony.

I found a different midwife that I like, not love but she is nice.

We decided for an ultrasound at 16 weeks to make sure of my dates as my mom will have to fly here from the US. We found out at the sonogram that we were 17 weeks with twins. Shocked, but fine we went home and figured out how to fit two more children into our three bedroom house.

6 days later my midwife comes for a visit and informs us that she is not expirenced with twin births and the closest midwife that could maybe come is 1.5 hours away. Meanwhile my babies would probably already be here and she does not feel qualified to handle it alone. At least she is being honest right.

So, I went from baby #4 being delivered at home into the loving arms of his/her family to #4 & #5 being delivered in an OR with a bunch of doctors and nurses and a white serile environment!! YUCK!!

I don't even get to make it to delivery to see if they are head down or otherwise.

I am just sick about this. I do not want to see a doctor I do not want an epi line placed "just in case" and I do not want to deliver in an OR!! AHHHHHHHHH!!
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Originally Posted by stephaniehauser View Post
I am just sick about this. I do not want to see a doctor I do not want an epi line placed "just in case" and I do not want to deliver in an OR!! AHHHHHHHHH!!
I understand your frustration, for me I was just totally stressed out most of the pregnancy wondering what was going to happen in the end, imagining and anticipating the worst. I think some of the stories in the post are worth reading, especially the brave mamas that did not go to the OR, and refused to deliver there. Not ideal like being at home, but it can still be natural. I wish you the best! Maybe you can keep looking and find something closer? I didn't find my homebirth midwife right away, it took a little digging.
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I'm not a mom of twins, so you can ignore what I say . I had a cesarean after 4 vaginal births. I was supposed to have another homebirth. Everything was going fine, until I got his pain in my upper belly. I couldnt sleep, it was so bad. So, I went to the ER at 4am, thinking I had bad gas or something After lab work and whatnot, I was diagnosed with HELLP syndrome. My son was born at 10am-6 hours after heading to the ER-at 33 weeks, by cesarean. My then husband wasnt even there for the delivery.

Now, heres the thing-I was given the option to attempt an induction. I was given the facts-I had had 4 other babies, so induction would probably go well, BUT at the same time, my cervix was tight, closed, and thick, presenting more of a challenge there. I had been up all night and been put on mag sulfate, which makes you feel so....bleh. I was still having pain in my belly, although not so bad. I was so, so tired. And, when my labs were repeated 2 hours after the first set, my liver had gotten worse, my kidneys were now failing, and my platelet count had dropped signficantly. In other words, the support they were giving wasnt helping. The good news was, my son looked great on ultrasound. So...it was up to me. Try to induce with my labs getting worse, risking it not working, or being too exhausted to push. Or, opt for a cesarean.

I decided on the cesarean. Why? Because if the induction didnt work, my platelets would have been too low for me to be awake for the cesarean. As it turned out, I really wouldve preferred being knocked out and if I ever have another one, I will be. But I didnt know that at the time. So, I look back and think *what if?* I mean, the recovery for me was terrible, even without a baby to take care of. I hated it. But...well...theres really nothing I can change. Whats done is done. All I can do is look forward to this baby and hope for a HBAC.
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This thread is titled "homebirth and twins" and it caught my attention.

I had a HB with my breech twins, one also a footling. I went over 40 weeks and my twins were huge. There were complications but my midwives and we responded well and wisely to them.

I know in my heart things would have gone differently had we gone the hosptial route or transferred. We trusted our instincts and I completely agree with the OP that mothers, and father's, must trust their instincts!

to the OP. Congrats on your twins!
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