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Ephram's Birth Story

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Sorry I didn't post this sooner! Apparently Ephram has his days and nights a little mixed up (sigh).

All day Friday (July3, my due date per my Dr.) I felt kind of tired and crampy. Nothing too uncomfortable just not great feeling. I kept myself busy all day. I think we ran a ton of errands. I really wasn't thinking the baby was coming. I was thinking - if I get all of this done now I can have a relaxing 4th of July weekend with out having to do anything but chill at home and go to some friend's parties The night before I hadn't slept much, but that is nothing new for me. I had been having braxton hicks contractions every night when I went to bed for the last week or so. The last few nights they seemed to be picking up, but they were always gone by the morning.

Around 2am I woke up dh because my contractions woke me up. They were a little painful but not bad, and I was thinking they would fizzle out or be irregular so I asked him to help me time them. Our Dr. said 'Come in if you have 8 in one hr', I had 7 the first hr. So we decided to wait to go in. About 30 min later I thought, I probably need to go in so I called my girlfriend Jess and asked if she could come stay with dd - it was 4am by then. I was all - take your time etc. I was still worried I would get in there and they would send me home. My ctx were about 7 min apart by then, but not crazy strong (and they felt nothing like dd's ctx), so I kept thinking I had more time. When Jess got here I realized I had to get out of the tub.. blah. I was so enjoying sitting in my bath!

Getting out of the bath made my ctx feel sooooo much worse! I was shocked, but I still had a break of nothing in between them, so it was alright. I got dressed in between contractions, and headed to the hospital.

We got to the hospital around 5am. I delivered Ephram at 6:30am. I pushed for 10 min and he was out. No cone head!! No tearing. No complications - except for the same one I had with dd where my uterus was all done after I had the baby - so it did not want to contract back up.

I felt like I had run a marathon when I was all done, and I got the shakes pretty bad, I also felt crazy cold. Whatever they gave me to help my uterus contract back up, made me nauseated. So they had to give me something else to help my nausea.

After that it was off to recovery. Ephram is doing a great job nursing! It took about 3 days for my milk to come in, but we were fine with colostrum until then.

All in all my labor was from 2am till 6:30am. I think it was so short because I have had so much pre labor leading up to this or maybe my body just remembered how to do this from my last labor - that was 10 hrs.

It felt great to have a non medicated birth - although I would have loved to have a home water birth! Sadly my ins did not cover that or a midwife, but my Dr. was pretty crunchy so it worked out well.

Ephram Thomas 7/4/09:
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Congratulations, mama!! What a lovely story!
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Congrats again, mama. What a great story!
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Thanks for sharing your story! Congrats, again. DD1's b-day is July 4th too, she loves her birthday (she just turned 6 yr)!
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What a great birth story! :
Sounds like a very smooth labor and good hospital experience. Congrats, Mama!
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CONGRATS! Welcome earthside little one!!
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yay! Sounds like a great birth!!
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Congrats!! Thanks for sharing your great story!
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