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Family Yoga in St. Louis?

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Is anyone aware of yoga studios that accept children as well as adults in the St. Louis area? I would really like for my ds (age 11) and I to do yoga together, but I'm having trouble finding such a place. We're both complete beginners. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks
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there was a mama teaching yoga at laumier sculpture park on tuesday nights for free and kids are welcome to join in. ill find out if she is still doing it and report back in this thread.
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I know two of the instructors at Masterpeace Studios (recently moved into Crestwood Court.) http://www.masterpeacestudios.org/ I haven't taken their classes, but they are wonderful ladies IRL.
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Big Bend Yoga Center offers what you are looking for. I inquired about the same thing for my then 12 y/o dd attending yoga w/me. They said that they have a few mother/daughter pairs that take yoga there.
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