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At what age did your child wean themselves? - Page 2

Poll Results: At what age did your child self wean?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 4% (11)
    Less than 12 months
  • 7% (21)
    12 months to 18 months
  • 10% (28)
    18 months to 24 months
  • 12% (34)
    25 months to 30 months
  • 14% (38)
    31 months to 36 months
  • 8% (22)
    Early 3's
  • 8% (23)
    Late 3's
  • 10% (27)
    Early 4's
  • 5% (15)
    Late 4's
  • 6% (17)
    Early 5's
  • 4% (12)
    Late 5's
  • 1% (3)
    Early 6's
  • 0% (2)
    Late 6's
  • 2% (6)
  • 1% (4)
    8 or older
263 Total Votes  
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Originally Posted by Avarie View Post
I can't vote on this one yet ... DS1 is 3 years 3 months and would nurse constantly if I would allow it. However, he knows that for him, nursies are for nap time and bed time (and illness/injury). DS2 is 18 months and I don't even keep track of how much he nurses.
Make that last statement 16 months and this is my story too.
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My son is 4 and primarily nurses at night before bed and again in the morning. There are times when he isnt feeling well that he will also ask to nurse. I do want to say that my daughter is 8 and although she weaned herself when she was 4, she has been asking to nurse again because she sees her brother doing it and says if he can, why cant I mom?? I let her try for the first time last night and she tried and tried and only got a drop or 2 because I dont think she remembered how to lol. I dont know if she will ask again today or not but I guess I will find out at bedtime. Have a wonderful day everyone!

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My DS cut down around three and was finished about 3 weeks before his 4th birthday.
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I voted 12 -18 months...DS nursed for the last time the day before he turned 16 months...it was such an easy transition for him....he went from nursing around the clock, to nursing only once in the middle of the night for about two weeks while we were on holidays, to nothing at all. No tears shed, no tricks - he was just done. I would have happily gone longer, but ultimately this is what I wanted - for him to nurse as long as he needed to.
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Alexander self weaned right around 25 months. I was 20 weeks pregnant with Ian and I expect the changes in/lack of milk were a big factor. I was heartbroken, I really wanted to tandem.
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My boys are 5 and 2, and nobody's weaned yet. So I didn't answer the poll.
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my last child just weaned herself this past week ; had her last feed on the day before turning 2y 4 months (=28months)

I voted last month but that was about my previous child so I cannot vote this month concerning my last baby ever .... wish I had started my family earlier ... I might have had a 4th one .... it's a bit late now & am all nostalgic that my breastfeeding years are now behind me ...
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Jack is my last child and he self weaned at right around 4 years. Although.. last night we were snuggling and he said... "it would be soo freaky if you still had milk in your chi chi's" and proceeded to try it out. :

No milk... it has been nearly a year since he nursed.
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Both my kids weaned when I got pregnant My DS was 27 months old, my DD was 18 months old I'm sure both would have gone on nursing for longer but they had no interest when my supply disappeared
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31-36 months for Sophia

I couldn't vote for Abigail because she didn't self wean. My milk supply disappeared when she was 8 months old because I was 3 months pregnant with her little sister. Abigail resumed breast feeding, although not on a regular basis, when Sophia was 8 months old. Sophia wasn't nursing regularly the past couple months and when she did nurse, it seemed more for emotional comfort than for nutritional needs. So, with her less frequent nursings, my milk eventually stopped coming in. Officially, she was 35 months old (1 month shy of turning 3 years old) when she was no longer able, although she still asks to check if there is any milk once in a while this past month. She checks then confirms, your boobs are empty, there's no more milk, mommy.
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With my first, I got pg when he was 17 months old. He was down to just once or twice a day (and just a few, wiggly minutes at that before he was on to bigger and better things). In fact, I pushed it a little because we were going out of town and I knew that the nursing would be convenient on our trip When my nipples got sore around 6 weeks, I just stopped offering and he never asked again.

I nursed my second child until just a couple of weeks before her second birthday. I was getting really tired of it and she was down to less than once a day. One day I realized we'd gone 3 or 4 days without nursing and I decided we weren't going to go back. I think she asked twice after that and was easily distracted to something else.

Still nursing my youngest, she's only 11 months
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DD self weaned at 17 months. DS self weaned at a little over 4 years old. I did have to leave DS for 3 weeks to go care for my mama when she was dying and died. . .but when I came home he continued to nurse for about 5 more weeks. I wonder if I didn't have to leave him if he would have nursed longer?!!?
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My DD was 4 years exactly when she last nursed.

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DS was about 2 months away from turning 3 when he weaned. He just stopped asking completely.
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Im pretty sure DD is weaned, shes 31 months. She has no interest in nursing even if I offer. Its bittersweet, I love the special time nursing allowed us but its her decision. She also decided that she wanted her own bed last month but at least she still comes to cuddle around 2-3am so I do get some cuddle time with her.
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dd slowed off nursing when I was pregnant (just before her 3rd birthday) with ds but then tandem nursed for at least 18 months - and finished completely around a month after she turned 5 - or at least that was when I noticed it, ds is just 4 and still going strong - he shows no sign of stopping just now!!
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Mine are still nursing at ages 1, 3.5 and 5.5 so I couldn't vote.
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My DD nursed her last regular nursing on her 3rd birthday! : She just looked at me and said i'm a big kid now and I don't need nummies! she has asked a few times since june and I let her basicly she latches on then kisses them hugs them and says I love your nummies! :
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Originally Posted by Nan'sMom View Post
Mine are still nursing at ages 1, 3.5 and 5.5 so I couldn't vote.
I can't vote either, and it's my own poll!
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I had kind of an odd situation. I had planned to EBF and led my son self-wean. (Did not work out to BF my daughter, but that's another story). Bf'ing was going great till about 8 months when DS decided he didn't like to sit still long enough to nurse. It took 45 minutes to nurse both sides, I am soooooo slow and he really had to work at getting the milk. So he'd quit and go play. He was getting fussy and starting to lose weight and I started getting concerned. So I began pumping and giving him breastmilk bottles. I did that for a month but to sit and pump for 45 minutes then sit and hold my son with a bottle for 15-20, then an hour later do it all again was getting to be too much for me. I simply could not keep up.

So I gradually tapered off and stopped, much as I did not want to do it, I figured a sane mama was at least as healthy as breastmilk.

I guess he self-weaned. It certainly was his choice, not mine!
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