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RI Area Roll Call!!!

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Just curious to know who is in RI and the surrounding areas of MA and CT We love to meet new friends with like minds! :

I'll start....

Our family lives in Northern RI, Smithfield. We have 5 babes. Three boys, ages 7, (almost)6, (almost) 5. Two girls, ages 3.5 and 6 months.

There has to be more out there! Come one, come all! Come on out and play :
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We're in Cranston. Just me, the DH and the bambina (6.5 months). I know a couple of people on this forum from other 'activities' and I ONCE made it to playgroup but haven't gotten my act together to go back.
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Pawtucket (S. Attleboro train station area), me, DH, Ethan 6yo, and Poppy almost 6months!

We do the PVD playgroup(when we get out of bed on time), PVD LLL, and KanagaMamas. Oh, we hang out at LJ's every so often
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Here! Sterling Ct, right over the border from ri. DD is 5 and DS is 15 mos, expecting #3 in sept! havent met anyone from mdc irl, but hopefully that will soon change!
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Originally Posted by sg784 View Post
Here! Sterling Ct, right over the border from ri. DD is 5 and DS is 15 mos, expecting #3 in sept! havent met anyone from mdc irl, but hopefully that will soon change!
You must live really close to me. I'm about a mile around the block (well, as around the block as you can get for our area) from the Sterling post office and the playground.

Hi Leslie and Joanna!

I'm a SAHM to dd1 who is 6 and dd2 who is 2.
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We're in Providence, but my kids are older.
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hi! haven't been on here much these days although I know some MDC Mamas from different get togethers. My husband and I live in North Kingstown RI and have a dd who is almost 2 1/2 and a baby due in Dec. Have been meaning to go to one of the PVD groups for like a year but have yet to go! (Its been a rough winter...oh wait its July, it feels like a beautiful Spring day today. You know its bad when yesterday my dd said "Mama, its beautiful out today, it must be almost summer!")
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Originally Posted by MamaBear21107 View Post
You know its bad when yesterday my dd said "Mama, its beautiful out today, it must be almost summer!")
Awwwwwwww, that's so true--bad sad at the same time...I LOVE summer, usually and so far it definately is feeling more like spring or fall. : Maybe we'll get a super long indian summer

Ok, now my turn! I live in Exeter, RI over the N. Kingstown line and have a son that will be 3 this month and am currently : with our 2nd!! I'm so glad I found this site, I've loved everything I've gotten to read so far and for the all the help that I've already gotten!!! A huge THANKS to all!!
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We are in Millville, about 1 mile from Southwick's Zoo. I have a 2.5yo and a 4mo
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I live in East Providence, RI with my 2.5 year old and dp. I work as a zookeeper at Capron Park Zoo in Attleboro, MA and dp is the coffee roaster for a great independent coffee shop called Coffee Exchange in Providence. I've been trying to make the playgroup but Tues and Weds are my only days off. But I'm still trying lol! Nice to meet ya!
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Hi - We are in Tiverton, RI. There is me, DH, DS Sam 2 and DD Anika tbd but any day now! We go to the RI PVD playgroup very frequently - I'm the one who shows up in my husband's pajamas because I am too cheap to buy maternity clothes.
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Hi! I'm in Gales Ferry, CT... not too far from the RI line (about 15 minutes from Westerly). I have two kiddos and another on the way. I'd love to meet some other moms, too!
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We live in Providence. Dh and I and ds#1 age 5, ds #2, age 2 and soon another one....hopefully very soon

I'm a sahm for now. Really enjoy the alternative medicine, homebirth/ natural birth, environmentally friendly and healthy foods aspects of natural family living. Also enjoy all the support for breastfeeding, babywearing and co sleeping which we practice as well.
we do the playgroup here and love it for all the great conversations and support for the natural parenting approach!
We've been in RI for almost 5 years now and for the most part really like it.
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we go to the playgroup too!! yay!

we are in the edgewood area of cranston, right on the pvd line, near roger williams park. it is just me, dh, and dd who will turn 2 in october. i've been in rhode island since 1998, when i came here for school, but dh has lived here his whole life.
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I live in Providence, near Wayland Square. I have one son, Dylan, almost 3. I know some of the mdc mamas from the PVD playgroup and ICAN. I grew up in Plymouth, MA, but moved to Rhode Island (Warwick, then Providence) from San Diego about 2 years ago.
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Hi! I live in Portsmouth, RI... grew up in North Kingstown. DS turns 3 in September, DD turns 1 in August, and we just found out we are expecting #3 in March... BIG surprise!! Nice to see so many RI mamas here!
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I'm in Warwick, RI over by CCRI. I'm a single mom to three daughters, ages (next week) 9, 4 1/2, and 18months. I grew up in RI and moved away for a few years and we've been back now for almost 3 years. Great place to grow up!!!! Can't wait for consistent good weather so we can hit the beach and playgroups.
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Hey I am in Coventry, right near the intersection of 102 and 117. About 15 mins from the CT border at rt14 or rt14A. We are newish to the Coventry area and looking to meet more moms ESPECIALLY from really close by! : I have 2 daughters 3.5yrs and 12mths.

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wow andrea i can't believe serefina is 12 months already!!! it seems like just yesterday you were demonstrating how to do a back carry with lola in the mei tai and your big pregnant belly (at LLL)
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I'm Angela, and I live on the west side of Providence with my DD, Ocean, who will be 1 next month(!?!), and my DP, Jack. We're both grad students at Brown, working on dissertations, teaching, and parenting. We're also a queer family, and have been really thrilled about awesome and welcoming the MDC playgroup (and MDC in general) has been for us. I haven't made it to playgroup lately because I teach every morning right now, but am looking forward to having Thursdays off this fall and hopefully rejoining the group.
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