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One unhappy mama.

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Hi ladies-
I went for my 36 week(even though I am almost 37) checkup today. My doctor is out of town this week, so I saw a different doctor through the clinic I go to.

He walked in and started asking me if I was trying for a VBAC after two C-sections. I said yes and that my doctor had cleared me to try to let my body go into labor. He then proceeds to tell me that their clinic has 11 doctors and a few years back, they had all sat down and decided on certain protocol a woman has to meet to attempt a VBAC, in order to make all the doctors there, who may or may not deliver, comfortable. He stated that one of these is that I must have had a prior vaginal delivery with two C-sections or I can't try for a VBAC.

I told him my doctor had told me I was able to try for labor, since my C-sections were due to preeclampsia and none has developed at this point.
My doctor has also told me that if preeclampsia kicks in again, if I am at all dilated, he will consider inducing me to give me more of a shot at labor too. I thought he was very on board and understood my goal of going into labor.

This other doctor also stated that he has only been with the clinic since October and maybe he is missing a piece of this, but doesn't understand how my doctor can let me try for a VBAC, unless he is planning on being completely available to me for labor/etc(which was never my impression). He said he would email him and I could talk to him at my next appt on Tuesday.

I kind of feel duped. Am I missing something? Wouldn't doctors that work in the same clinic be on the same page? Why would my doctor agree to letting me try if their protocol goes against this? If I would have known this weeks back, I would have looked for another doctor. Now I have to wait for Tuesday and if it is the case that he will not let me try, attempt to find another doctor. 37 weeks pregnant at that point and looking for a doctor. Freaking ridiculous.

My husband is phenomenal and keeps telling me, "You don't know the whole story yet, your doctor has been there MUCH longer, maybe he has more authority for things like this, just relax." But when you find out that your goal you think you are so close to, might be all skewed because of misinformation you should have been told MONTHS ago, it's a bit upsetting. If I don't develop preeclampsia, I will be refusing a C-section. They can't make me get cut open to deliver my baby. I am so upset and am wondering if anyone else has ever encountered this situation or having to look for another doctor so close to delivery because of conflict? AHHHH!
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I hope it gets cleared up. Doctors within the same practice can differ quite a bit. I go to an ob practice that has 3 docs (well, HAD, one of them moved OOS). All three were very different. My doc is the one who is best at letting you have as natural of a birth as possible, very pro-BFing, etc.. The other two were much into intervention, one is known to push inductions before your edd has even arrived. So, if you and your doc had talked about this at length and he told you he was ok with it, things should be ok. It's good that at least this newer doc is willing to talk to your doc to make sure, instead of just blowing you off and wanting you to do things his way. Keep us updated, I hope you will get your VBAC.
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I worked at an OBs office with 5 doctors and I can tell you that each and every one of them had varying opinions about how to handle just about everything. Maybe the doctors did agree on a protocol but your doc is making an exception for you. Don't worry until you talk to him. And always remember that you have the right to refuse a c-section at ANY time during your pregnancy and labor. It is your body and your decision.
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Wow - I can see why you are upset. I would not like not knowing what is going on within their practice as far as VBAC protocol goes. But like others said try not to worry about it too much before you talk to your Dr. And since your Dr. said he would be the one to assist you in birthing the baby and not just whoever is on call, that sounds really reassuring. I hope you get your VBAC.
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It's a frustrating place to be. I hope you can get some clear answers from your doctor soon.

It's a scarey position to be in. . I know. When pregnant with my DS the OB I had been seeing went on vacation and another OB from the practice was covering for her at my 37 week appointment. She and I clashed in a major way. She told me that I was to go in to be induced because I had GD and they always induce at 37 weeks. I said that my OB had given no indication of that. It was ugly. I went home and cried, pulled myself together and called the OB I had used for my first pregnancy. Though I had to drive an hour to see him he gladly took me on as a patient at 38 weeks.

For every one good doctor out there there are about 20 who suck : Hope that you can avoid any more stress!
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How very frustrating! If you haven't already, it might help to contact ICAN and see if there is a local chapter/leader who can help you out. *hugs*
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What is ICAN? Going to google it now, might have an answer before someone replies.
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International Cesarean Awareness Network.... i believe. Stupid doctor. *bubble of peace, bubble of peace*.... your body knows how to birth this baby- don't let anyone tell you differently. Go for what you want!!!
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Working in the medical field myself (Audiology, not OBGYN I would request a sit down meeting with BOTH Drs present. I would schedule this through your OBGYN who said it was cool for you to do the vbac. My big concern here is - who will be oncall when you go into labor? You want all of the Drs in that practice aware of what Dr. X said was alright, and on board for you. If Dr. X promised you something, it is up to him to tell the other Drs. he agreed to this. If that means he is the one who is paged when you go into labor - fine. But their office needs to work this out, and I feel like, if I promise any of my Patient's something that is a little off from our office protocol - I DO make myself totally available to that patient - just as a courtesy to the other professionals in my office who feel differently.

Try to stay calm. I am sure you can get your Dr. who agreed to this to work this out for you in a way that is supportive of what you need to have a vbac.

Ephram; born - 7/4/09
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thank you.

Thank you ladies for the advice! I will keep you updated as to my appointment on Tuesday. I will be clarifying with my doctor what their protocol is, his stance on it, and how available he is planning on being to me for labor and if he is not available, what my options are then. I hope this will be a good appointment but am mentally ready to start looking for another doctor if not. Thankfully, we have very good insurance!

I am trusting that my body is more than capable to deliver this baby boy without interventions or a knife.

Some good news: A woman I know from my breast feeding support group has offered her doula services free as she is needing to attend 3 births to become certified. She is much more knowledgable than I about VBACS and is 100% on board with my goals. I think that this will be a good advocate in my corner. My husband is great and believes the same views as me about the power of what our bodies can do, but it can't hurt to have her there to help.
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Well....worst fears confirmed.

So...my doctor was on-call Tuesday and did get called out to deliver a baby. My rescheduled appt was yesterday, so sorry about the delay in posting what happened.

My doctor came in and said he was so busy worrying about whether or not I had a double closure on both of my C-sections(I do for both) that he never even considered all the other doctors and their protocol of having a vaginal birth with 2 prior Cesareans in order to have a VBAC after 2 Cesareans.

I am totally pissed off- no other word for it. I totally feel like I was strung along until now I am at a point where I will not be able to find another doctor to take me on. He made it seem the whole time that I could have a VBAC, as long as preeclampsia didn't flare up. It hasn't and SUDDENLY, now that I am 37w3d, he remembers their protocol? Now that it is too late for me to find another doctor? How do you, as a doctor, not look at the whole picture WAY before this point?

He told me if it was just his practice, he would let me try but since there are other doctors to consider, my option is a C-section. That he could "try" to let me labor before my C-section but that my success rate after 2 is so low anyway.

I asked him what would happen if I just said no? He said your option is a C-section at this facility. So, because I have no idea where to even begin to switch doctors, my plan is this: Push off my C-section til 40-41 weeks and let my body go into labor. They CANNOT make me get cut open. I have never been in labor though, so I am scared out of my mind when it does happen, as to know when to go to the hospital. If I go when I am barely dilated, there will be lots of pressure for a C-section. I would prefer to labor at home, away from much of that pressure, til further dilated(like 5 or 6). How do I know how fast my labor will go though? I do not want to deliver a baby at home- not set up or prepared for that.

I am so frustrated. This are not thoughts that should be in my head right now. I feel completely betrayed by my doctor and like I absolutely was duped.
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Oh mama!!! I am so sorry That really stinks. I do know a lot of vbac women will labor in their car outside the hospital even until they are pushing just to avoid crap like this! I would feel betrayed too.

Also, I was just reading in the book "Pushed" and there was a woman in there who was being forced into a c-section and she just kept saying loudly "I do not consent to a cesarean, I do not consent to a cesarean".... she didn't sign papers saying they could do it either. They were basically forced not to cut her open. JUST a thought.
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I'm so sorry you are having this trouble.
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Ugh, that most totally stinks!

I have a friend who had a C-section for her first. The hospital that she planned on delivering at for her second had a no-VBAC policy. She just made sure to show up at the hospital at the point where it was too late to do anything but a vaginal birth and absolutely refused to be cut open.

Of course above and beyond all this is the complete feeling of betrayal and absolute loss of trust in your care provider.

I know that it might be too overwhelming (or not even possible) to change care providers at this point. . especially when what you want is a VBA2C. But how about hiring a doula? One who could help you labor at home for as long as possible?
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That is just awful. No wonder you feel betrayed. You did everything you could have done to find a care provider who would support your wishes, thought that you had, and now the dr is going back on his word at the last moment.

I would not discount finding another dr. I know the thought is daunting, but it is worth a shot. I met a woman recently who switched from an OB to my mw at 39 weeks and had an amazing birth. If not, a doula is a great idea-- esp to help with your fears/being at home laboring, etc.
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I am so sorry to hear that your Dr. let you down, that is so very unprofessional of him. I think you have a good case to file a grievance against your Dr. (later, after you have your LO). I would bet you could find another Dr. to take you, if you explain your situation to his nurse - not the front desk.. Good luck with this. I am just so infuriated that your Dr. did this to you. I truly believe you can have the labor you want though!

Ephram - born 7/4/09
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Thanks for all the love.
I am considering hiring a doula. My husband actually works with a woman who does this on the side and has contacted her to see if she is interested in taking me on. The other doula I had talked about yet is not certified and was taking me on as part of receiving her certification. I feel that I need someone with more experience than this, especially when I don't feel like the doctor is on my side.

Can I just state again how PISSED I am that I am having to do this at 37 weeks pregnant?!? I will be filing a complaint after all is said and done.
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You can switch dr now it is not to late. There are many woman who have done so at this late date.

Dont miss out on your VBAC because of this if you want it. Fight for it mama.
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I have looked for another doctor and not a one of them will take on a- high risk of preeclampsia, 37 weeker, who is trying for a vaginal birth after two Cesareans.
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many, many, MANY mama
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