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I am so sorry that you are going through this. I really hope you can find a solution that works for you. I can't imagine having to deal with all this so late in your pregnancy...that must suck! I am thinking about you.
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I'm so sorry that this is happening. How crappy of your ob. The least he could have done was tell you the truth near the beginning of the pregnancy. It would burn my butt if he got a fat check for my c-section for being such a jerk.
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updating again.

Thank you mamas for all the kind thoughts!

I am still feeling quite overwhelmed but am trying to take one day at a time and not stress too much about it.

I feel like I can't tell anyone IRL about what we are planning because it's a bit nuts. My husband and I have researched at great length our rights in this and plan to refuse a C-section up until 42 weeks. He has not been able to find another doctor who will VBAC me and he is not allowed to drop my care. So, I am still going for my weekly checkups and they have started doing NST's just to monitor baby's heart. Everything is fine- baby is healthy and I plan to continue to refuse C-section and see if my body will go into labor. I will be 40 weeks on Monday and PRAYING that baby boy comes out before 42 weeks and that he stays happy, healthy and thriving in my uterus.

My doctor CAN refuse to deliver me vaginally once I arrive at the hospital laboring however the hospital CANNOT refuse me A doctor to deliver me. It's a scary situation to be in as far as the uncertainty of doctor however I feel that I am making the right decision for myself and my baby. I will not be forced to be cut open. I will listen to my body. If, at any point, it becomes dangerous to my baby, then I will consider a section. That is my last option.

Being confident in my decision does not mean that this is not hard still. I hate having to go to my doctors office and be seen as 'the uncooperative patient.' It seems as if the whole office is now aware of the situation(especially because no one has ever refused a section before)and comments keep being made.
"When are you having your C-section?" "I am not having a C-section, I am VBACing."

The responses I get when this comes up from other midwifes, nurses, even the fricking receptionist are ridiculous. I am so ready to be done with going there. Some BIG complaints are in the works for after this baby is born.

Anyway, enough babbling. Just wanted to give the most recent update. If you pray, please do so for our family. We still have quite the battle ahead of us!
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good news!

I just got an appt. with the high risk doctor that lives an hour away. I have been told he is the ONLY one that would possibly take on my case. Unfortunately, he had NO openings until next Thursday- 3 days past my due date. If I haven't gone into labor by then- I hope he takes me!!!!
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... sounds like you have a plan!! I send you energy to make it across your finish line and get the birth you want! : GOOD LUCK!!!
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good luck mama. i definitely know the stress of facing an unwanted c-section and i'm thinking of you as you fight this fight for you, your baby and your family.
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