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Avani, GoodNamesgone and Mama_Michelle,

Gosh, I do hope and pray it is our turn next!!
: to us!!
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Still here, and expecting to be for a while. My EDD is Tuesday, but I really have no indications that baby is ready to come out. I am still not even sure what Braxton Hicks feel like. I've told the baby s/he has until the end of the month, but I will be very cranky if this is an August baby.
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Still pregnant, due July 21st (38w3d today). I'm already 3 cm, 75% effaced -- as opposed to last week's 2 cm, 50% effaced.
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ME ME ME! I was due the 7th.

I have been able to maintain a very positive outlook throughout this pregnancy, but this week I have been ornery. This is my first so I could very well go another couple weeks, but man am I sick of people calling/texting/facebook messaging me 1. if i had the baby (um, you would know) 2. when the baby is going to come (let me get out my crystal ball) 3. about inducing (normal pregnancy is 38-42 weeks. bug off!)

recently, it has been cool here, but got humid today & i am quickly turning into a very cranky pregnant woman.
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Due July 27

37 weeks, 5 days here.

I'm 2cm dialated, 50% effaced (1 cm and 50% last week). At this rate I'll be pregnant for 8 more weeks.

I feel like she has decided to live in my uterus for good. I just don't get any "it's gonna be soon" vibes.

Although I'm feeling pretty good considering I am 9 months pregnant, I am ready to meet this little girl. I did my nesting over the last couple weeks and am so DONE with cleaning! Mentally I feel good about this birth- much more calm about it than my first. I feel like I'm ready for the birth process, ready to have a newborn in my life again, ready for totally welcome thher into our family. So why doesn't she come already?!?!

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i'm still pregnant two, due on tuesday. dd1 was born at 38w3 and dd2 39 weeks mw is not worried though, i did just get a birth tub yesterday for 10 dollars at meijer but i dont think it's tall enough. i'm making eggplant parmesean now to see if it will put me into labor
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I'm still here! Due the 15th. I'm certain that I had my bloody show over a week ago but no labor yet. DS1 was born at 39w5d and DS2 was induced at 40w6d. I would really like to have this baby by Sunday cuz after that we have no childcare lined up....but there are no signs yet that anything is going to happen this weekend.
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Me. I'm 39 weeks. I was certain the baby was going to come last night. I had 3 nights of prodromal labor, so I thought the fourth night would be IT. However, no contrax last night! Whoo hooo! I feel so rested and energetic after a decent night's sleep. I told DH as we were going to sleep, "either baby comes tonight or no contractions." Apparently baby listened. Thank goodness. So for the moment, I'm happy that I'm still pregnant. I really needed a good night's sleep before baby comes.
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I am!

I'm due on the 21st...I've been having some crampy feelings...and a sore back, but otherwise I'm peachy.

Don't think i'll go into labor early...
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I am sending labor vibes to all the mamas who are ready!! I love reading the birth announcements and stories!!
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Me. My due date was yesterday, and I also live in south Texas where it has been around 100 for the last month and a half. I am so ready! Plus, my in-laws are coming in to help with the baby on Wednesday, and I would really like for there to be a baby for them to help with! I've done everything natural I can think of, so I guess my little guy is just not ready to come out. I'm trying to be patient!
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I'm still here too. My due date was the 7th/8th.
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I'm here too. Due July 22. Have had my other 3 between 38-39 weeks. I've been telling people that I think she's going to wait another week or so - I don't feel that "done" yet. Tired, cranky and uncomfortable but not really miserable yet. Luckily it's been a little cooler here the past few days so it's made it a little more bearable to be this pregnant.
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Plantmama and Pavlovs-- Happy due date day!! I'm also due today, but thinking since it's already 4:36 pm that he definitely won't be on time!! This morning I got up and was just an emotional wreck. I didn't expect today to hit me so hard. I've just been so physically miserable, and with all of the prodromal labor I've had, I really, really expected this LO to come early. The plan is to induce on Monday afternoon if I haven't went by then (because I'm a wimp). But now my hubbie is having a hard time taking work off this week, so I am all stressed out by this. If only the baby would have come last week.....
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Due on the 15th. I'm almost totally ready (just need to find the baby bathtub, of all things). Can't wait for things to start happening!
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Yes, happy due date pavlos and katylynn!
I was a super crank all day. I think I'll change my due date to the 17th since that is the date I worked out at the beginning. That way I won't feel so weird about "going late".
I'm sorry to all the moms with so much discomfort and prodromal labor, you should definitely feel entitled to some results soon
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Still pregnant here. I'm due at the end of the month. I'll be 37 weeks this Sunday. I'm trying not to be too anxious but when I checked myself last weekend I was at least 4cm dilated and 50% effaced. My husband will be gone for the two weeks surrounding my due date and will be two hours drive away. So I hope baby comes before or waits until he gets back!
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Still pregnant. Due Tuesday (so, 39 weeks, 4 days today). Everyone else has been born on their due dates, so haven't been expecting anything different this time around until the last couple of days. Never had any early signs of labor until I was actually in labor with the others, but this little jokester gives me contractions every night, then they always go away overnight while I sleep. I'm hoping I'm getting some dilation and effacing out of the way at least.
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due on 20th, doesnt look like anything is happening here! My 4th was born 10 days early so I was hoping this one will be 10 days early which was yesterday LOL and NOTHING!!
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