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Just one more:

There is a 7 year age gap between cousins in my DH's family that we are very close with.

The oldest just turned 11 and he LOVES his little sister (3yo), he is very gentle and loving with her. He's actually really good with young babies, mine is 1yo and he is smitten with her. Last week he "taught" her how to play soccer (i.e. kick a ball) it was SOOOO cute!!!
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Originally Posted by *Erin* View Post
my dd is exactly 5.5 yrs older than ds, and it has worked out beautifully. she was old enough to really be involved with my pregnancy, and we really encouraged to take an active role with ds. she adores him, and he thinks the sun rises and sets because she tells it to. seriously. i am so glad we spaced them like we did. there havent been issues of jealousy, and i feel like my dd benefited from being an only for so long, and ds is thriving having such a loving big sister. it is nice to be able to focus on him while dd is busy with her own interests also.

plus, i don't feel ragged out and spread too thin with the ages they are at. i would lose my mind trying to parent 2 very small tots at once. i would totally burnt out and overwhelmed, and i know i would feel like i couldnt meet each one's needs. i know plenty of other mamas can do it, and i admire that, but i couldn't!
I have two boys who are 5.5 yrs apart and I could say all this. It has been a real joy to see the baby light up at my older ds and to see my older feel so proud to be such a sweet big brother.
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Didn't have time to read the replies yet, but I wanted to respond and say mine are almost five years apart, and it is wonderful. I honestly could not have done it any sooner. I mean, I am sure there are great things about every age combo, and since this is all we know, then who's to say.

I would say it might have been a bit hard for DS1 at first, being used to being number 1 for almost five years. But now they are five and ten and they play so well together and that makes things a lot easier. The younger one plays up a bit and the older one plays down a bit, if you know what I mean.

I think that whatever works out best for your family, will be the right choice!
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Thought I'd add a quick story... My sons are 4 yrs apart- one almost 5, the other 10 months.

DS1 was sitting watching a show. DS2, who is just crawling, wiggled himself over to his brother (behind him) and in his baby excitement, started pulling DS1's hair, shirt, screeching, trying to climb him. Basically, attacked him from behind in excitement, but attacked him none the less.

DS1 turned around... and kissed him. He gently took the baby's hands out of his hair, kissed him, and took him on his lap. It was freakin' adorable.

If DS1 was a toddler, I'm sure the first reaction would be a wollop. Toddlers are not yet able to understand a baby's innocent (but sometimes painful) excitement and will often hit or become angry. At nearly 5, DS1 totally gets it and is patient and loving.

Last night at dinner, the baby was fussing. I was run down after a long day. I was patient, but done. DS1 began flipping this little toy car for him to entertain him. Before you know it, the two of them are laughing hysterically at eachother. DS1 sings him songs in the car, gives him toys, keeps him entertained at times that are hard for baby, and helps me carry things or fetch them. He is really amazing with his brother.

DS1 told me today that he thinks we should "Have more brothers" . Ummm... We'll see .
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