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Parents who call their child "buddy"?

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Whenever I hear a parent address their child "bud" or "buddy" it just doesn't ever sound warm or affectionate or even feel like a term of endearment to me. It sounds kind of cold. I could never imagine addressing either of my kids that, but maybe that's my take on it.

Edited to clarify: Whoa! I didn't mean to bait anyone in justifying this. It was more out of curiosity b/c I was not born in American and so my parents and most of their friends never used this word for their children. Before becoming a parent, I only hear the word buddy as the beginning of a rude remark, as in when taxi driver gets cut off and he yells out the window, "Hey buddy, what the f--- ". Or a guy wanting to pick a fight in a bar saying the another guy, "Hey buddy, what're you looking at?" I was hoping maybe somebody could explain the origin of this term when using it on children, but I guess that is really a dumb pursuit.

Second footnote: People who think I'm judging them need to be a little more imperturbable. I wasn't trying to stir up anything. That said, I should have taken a little more thought writing this OP rather than dashing it off on a whim. For that, I apologize. If you call your child buddy, you are not cold. Cold was the wrong word to use. I'm not sure of the right word to use. And even if I could find it, it would describe the way the word feels to me and not describe the person using it.
Names like "Bucko, Half-pint (to the person who wrote about Little House on the Prairie in this thread), and kiddo are examples of other terms that might be said with a lot of affection but doesn't stir up a soft fuzzy feeling in me. But then I don't get a lot of Americanisms like "buddy," country music, baseball and football, etc, even though I've practically lived here all my life.
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*shrug* I don't see it as a big deal, really. Lots of men call their sons 'buddy.' I don't think it's any less affectionate than calling them any other nickname (sweetie, honey, baby, etc)
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We call DS bud-bud
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I call my kids lots of things, including bud or buddy (although not really DD, mostly DS). DS is also bugaboo, bub, bubby, and kiddo. DS is chickyboo, girly, miss thang (), and miss C. Of course I call them by their real names too.

All of their nicknames are a show of affection from me. I don't see how bud or buddy is any different than any other nickname. There are worse things. My dad used to call us little $hits. Said affectionately (he's a weird one) but still......
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i call ds buddy all the time, in fact a guy thought that was his name today!!
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I've called my DS buddy or little buddy since he was born. It is definitely a term of endearment to me.
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I call my kids buddy

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I have a friend who does this. It's not my choice of endearments, but that's okay. I'm sure my "kiddo" and "sweetie" don't work for other people.

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I know parents who do this and they seem loving enough

I mostly use it for kids I don't know.
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I call my son buddy all the time.
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People call their kids all kinds of pet names. I often call dd "ma'am" which is probably far more ridiculous than "buddy" and definitely a more impersonal term for the vast majority of people. But that's just what I call her sometimes, as in "thank you, ma'am." "Could you help me, ma'am?", "Excuse me, ma'am." etc.

If she were a boy, I might well call her buddy, instead
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I also call my DS buddy, bub, bubby,baby, honey, sweetie, DD started calling him bug because she couldn't say bud properly

I also call DD peteunia, babe, baby doll, pumpkin, honey. ect

All of these are terms of endearment for us.
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I call my son Buddy and it's definitely a term of endearment. Weird thread...
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Where are you from?

In some areas of Atlantic Canada, buddy is basically like 'this guy' as in...

"I was filling my car up with gas when buddy drives up..."

I think it's probably quite regional whether you hear it as normal or affectionate or whatever.
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Weird thread...
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I call DS "bud" sometimes. Sometimes I call him "bubby." I don't mean it as cold and don't know why I started doing it. I mean them to be endearing though.
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I must really be cold and unaffectionate because I actually call my son Budweiser sometimes instead of Bud.
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I call ds buddy all the time. I use it as an endearment. Isn't it kind of playful like saying your my buddy/friend. My mom always called my brother this so when ds was born it just started coming out of my mouth.
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I call both of my boys buddy all the time. It's definitely a term of endearment here.
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I call my kids bud, buddy, and dude sometimes! They are all terms of endearment.
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