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I think of my 13month old baby as my attorney. 

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I never used to. But my FIL and MIL called their son "bud" or "dude" all the time and now call our son that. I've heard it so often, I've begun calling him bud/buddy,sometimes I get tongue-tied and call him "Bubby". But I've also called him "sweetheart" and "sweety" and "honey" and "love" and "Gavineesta"..... lol... But it is all a form of endearment. The only one I don't really like is "dude", that one always seemed.."cold" as the OP puts it, to me. But to each his/her own.

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I used to call my daughter "Bear", because she growled when she was mad as a baby. I call them both, at times, Bud, Buddy, Bud-reaux, Dude, Babe, Bubba, Grumpy, Sweetheart, Friend, Hey You, Mijo/Mija, etc. It's all a matter of tone and how it's meant. 


Such a silly thing to get worked up over... 

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I call mine brats. Crazy. Dude. That what works for us. I do not care who thinks what about my family language.  And we make gay joke. Because some of us are  .

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Funny old thread resurrected! 


Yes, we call both DS and DD "bud" or "buddy" from time to time, along with a bunch of other endearments, including nicknames evolved from their first names, and much "softer" terms like "sweetie" and "honey". Yesterday, DD mentioned that she wished the nickname "Ace" had stuck for her. My friends gave it to her when she was still in utero. 


I'm partial to "mate" which I've heard parents from the U.K., New Zealand and Australia use to address their sons and daughters. It sounds cheery and relaxed and conveys a friendliness. Unfortunately, I don't think it works without the right accent. A North American doesn't sound right saying "mate" - at least to my ears. That's totally a personal opinion. YMMV.  

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My fiance calls his son and my youngest son "Buddy" and his son often calls my youngest son, "Buddy" as well.  It's a nickname I can't stand, but I don't know why I can't stand it,  but it's used as an endearment, so I don't pay it any mind.

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People don't choose their pet name to invoke warm fuzzy feelings in bystanders. It's about their relationships with their kids.


Editing in: it does kind of annoy me when unrelated and barely-known people use terms like "buddy" with my kids. I know that they're trying to be nice, though, and that it's my issue.


My mother went off on me once for calling my son "little man." Apparently I was supposed to know that her mother-in-law used to do that and therefore it was painful and disturbing to hear it come out of my mouth. dizzy.gif

I do enjoy exploring language and culture though. Interesting thread.

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wow what an old thread!!! sniff. sniff. miss many of the old posters. sniff.


oh boy it reminds me of my very first post here on MDC. and sure enough it was a cultural faux pas. thankfully one of the posters guessed i was an immigrant and things cooled off. 


oh olly your mate reference takes me back years. dd loved, loved, loved the Wiggles and because of them we called each other mate when the obsession lasted. 


my pet name for dd are sounds. they are not any language sounds. i used buddy more for sarcasm. 

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