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I stumbled across a website for a 36 bead abacus (6 x 6) called an "Abux". But I can't find it again.

We have the standard 100 bead children's abacus but I'm having trouble getting started with it and the idea of one with fewer beads is appealing in theory.

Has anyone used one? If not, can anyone imagine any advantage?

Also, I stumbled across something called the Bajo, with 2 rows of 10 half beads. It's not cheap so I was thinking that may be simple enough to make if I really put my mind to it.

Finally, I just introduced the concept of Chisenbop or Chismbop (Korean finger math) to my almost five year old and she kind of seems to get the idea of the thumb standing for "5" by itself and each finger standing for "1". Although she thinks it makes more sense to count from the pinky towards the index finger.

Should I stick with that before figuring out what to do with the abacus, besides counting from 1 to 100? Frankly I'm kind of at a loss, despite picking up a 1988 AL Abacus book from the library.

Math isn't really my thing, which is one of the reasons I'm trying to create some familiarity with math for my 2 DDs at an early age. But since I work full time I've been pretty sporadic about it.